Courtney N. Haun
Assistant Professor and Director, Healthcare Administration Undergraduate Program
School of Public Health
Department of Healthcare Administration and Informatics
1595 CHS Building 1


  • Ph.D., Public Administration & Public Policy, Auburn University
  • M.P.H., Public Health Administration, East Tennessee State University
  • B.S., Health Administration & Community Health, with a minor in marketing, East Tennessee State University

Awards and Honors

  • Association of University Programs of Health Administration Glandon Family Scholarship Recipient, 2022
  • Fellow of the Alabama Academy of Science Award, 2022
  • Birmingham’s Leader in Diversity Award, 2022
  • Forbes 30 Under 30 Healthcare Category Candidate, 2021
  • Samford University Professor of the Game, 2021
  • Birmingham’s NextGen: Rising Stars of Education and Workforce Development Award Recipient, 2020
  • Auburn University’s 2020 Women of Distinction Alumnae Award Recipient, 2020
  • Auburn University’s 2020 Distinguished Dissertation Award Recipient, 2020
  • Thirty Under 30 Alumni Recipient, Auburn University’s College of Liberal Arts, 2020
  • Global Student Entrepreneur Awards National Finalist, 2019
  • Southern Management Association’s Healthcare Management Track, Best Doctoral Student Paper Award, 2017
  • The Beryl Institute Scholar, 2017


  • American Society for Public Administration (ASPA) Alabama Chapter, president
  • Birmingham Education Foundation, junior board member
  • Association of University Programs in Health Administration, member and certification reviewer
  • Academy of Management, member
  • Southern Management Association, member
  • Southern Conference for Public Administration, member


  • Healthcare administration
  • Public health
  • Quality improvement
  • Leadership

Recent Publications

  • Haun, C.N. and Silvera, G.A. (2022). A Bird in Hand: An Examination of the Influence of Nurse Staffing Availability on Hospital Quality of Care in U.S. Hospitals. Inquiry.
  • Cole, A.B., Haun, C.N., and Silvera, G.A. (2022). The Influence of Inclusive Hiring Practices on Patient Experiences in Top Performing Hospitals. Journal of Healthcare Management and Health Policy (Invited Submission).
  • Haun, C.N. and Cargile, I.M. (2022). Chapter 9 - Professional Development and Service. Strategies for Navigating Graduate School and Beyond. Washington, DC: American Political Science Association.
  • Haun, C.N. and Sacco, J. (2022). Chapter 3 - The Application Process: Financial Concerns: Taking on Student Loans, Graduate Assistant Positions, and Funding Considerations. Strategies for Navigating Graduate School and Beyond. Washington, DC: American Political Science Association.
  • Haun, C.N., (2021). Examining the Influence of Proximal Density to Nursing School Location on Quality Outcomes in Nursing Homes: An Expanded Study. Nursing Economics.
  • Haun, C.N. (2021). A Double Hit: COVID-19 and Childhood Obesity. Global Journal of Nutrition & Food Science. 3 (3), 1-2.
  • Haun, C.N., Mahafza, Z.B., Silvera, G.A. (2018). A Study Examining the Influence of Proximity to Nurse Staffing Resources on Quality of Care Outcomes. INQUIRY: The Journal of Health Care Organization, Provision, and Financing. 55.
  • Fisk, J.M., Silvera, G.A., Haun, C.N. (2018). Developing and Assessing Diversity. Public Integrity. 1-14.
  • Haun, C.N., Mahafza, Z., Good, A.J., Nettey, V. (2017). Childhood Obesity: A Survey of the Nutrition and Physical Activity Components of the Coordinated School Health (CSH) Program in Rural Areas. Contemporary Rural Social Work, 9(1), 5.
  • Silvera, G.A., Haun, C.N. and Wolf, J.A. (2017). Patient Experience: The field and future. Patient Experience Journal (PXJ), 4(1), 7-22.

Recent Presentations

  • Silvera, G.A., Erwin, C.E., Hogan, T., Cole, A., and Haun, C.N. DEI Institutionalization in Health Care Organizations: Here today, Gone Tomorrow? – Symposium Session. Academy of Management (2022)
  • Davey, K. S., Haun, C.N., and Kinnerson, L. Designing Powerful Assignments: Undergraduate Healthcare Administration, Health Informatics/Analytics, and Public Health Courses. AUPHA Annual Conference (2022)
  • Bice, L. (presenter) and Haun, C.N. (mentor). Estimated Decreases in Infant Deaths Due to Critical Congenital Heart Defects as a Result of State-Mandated Pulse-Oximetry Screenings in Infants. Samford University Student Research Colloquia (2022)
  • Haun, C.N., Haque, A., Jones, P.A., and Pink-Harper, S. ASPA Alabama Chapter Panel. ASPA (2022)
  • Bice, L. and Haun, C.N. Factors in Rates of Early Diagnoses of Critical Congenital Heart Defects. The Alabama Academy of Sciences (2022)
  • Haun, C.N. (moderator), Suther, S., Ford, F., Simon, C., and Casiday, R. (panelists). From Practice to Policy Using a Community-Based Participatory Research Approach. Samford University - Connect and Collaborate: A Community Campus Partnership Symposium to Address Health Disparities (2022)
  • Haun, C.N. Rocket Launching Leadership. Samford University - Leadership Lunch Series (2021)
  • Silvera, G.A., Haun, C.N. Technology About Me Without Me: An Examination of the Relationship between Patient-facing Health Information Technology and Patient Evaluations of the Interpersonal Care Experience. Organizational Theory in Health Care Association Conference (2021)
  • Davey, K. S., Haun, C.N. Embedding Undergraduate Research in a Healthcare Administration Program Using a Course-Based Approach. AUPHA Annual Conference (2021)
  • Haun, C.N., Mahafza, Z. Current Challenges & Current Solutions: An Online Discussion, ASPA Alabama Chapter Meeting (2020)
  • Haun, C.N., Ratcliffe, C.J., Robbins, D.E., Davey, K. S., Kinnerson, L., McCay, D. Obstacles & Opportunities: Leveraging Interprofessional Collaboration & the QM Rubric to Design & Deliver Health Administration Programs Amid COVID-19. Samford University Mini-Conference (2020)
  • Haun, C.N. Golden Key New Member Recognition Event Keynote Speaker (2019)
  • Fisk, J.M., Silvera, G.A., Morris, J.C., Chen, X., Chen, X., Crayton, M., Haun, C.N. Diversity and City Hall. Auburn University - College of Liberal Arts - Diversity Research Symposium. Auburn, AL (2019)
  • Haun, C.N. Examining the Influence of Proximal Density to Nurse School Location on Quality of Care Outcomes in United States Hospitals. Southeastern Conference for Public Administration (SECoPA). Baton Rouge, LA (2019)
  • Haun, C.N. Examining the Influence of Proximal Density to Nurse Education Resources on Quality of Care Outcomes. Academy of Management (AoM). Boston, MA (2019)