David E. Robbins
Associate Professor and Program Director, Master of Health Informatics and Analytics
School of Public Health
Department of Healthcare Administration and Informatics
1580 CHS Building 1

Degrees and Certifications

  • PhD, computer engineering, University of Alabama at Birmingham
  • MSEE, University of Alabama at Birmingham
  • BS, computer engineering, LeTourneau University


Healthcare informatics, biospecimen informatics, data science, machine learning, software engineering, software ecosystems, semantic web, concept maps

Awards and Honors

  • Seng-jaw Soong Award for Excellence in Biostatistics and Bioinformatics Research, 2013
  • Outstanding Service to the Society for Design and Process Science, 2012
  • Outstanding Graduate Student Engineer of the Year, 2010-2011


  • D. E. Robbins, H. F. Neumeier, and J. A. Galdo, “A Roadmap for Increasing Healthcare Provider Empathy Through Virtual Reality Experiences,” presented at  SDPS 2016, Orlando, 2016.
  • D.E. Robbins, J. A. Croker, and R. P. Kimberly, “TissueHub: Digitally Federated Biorepositories Facilitating Biospecimen Collaboration,” presented at Translational Science 2015, Washington, DC, 2015.
  • D. E. Robbins, A. Grüneberg, H. F. Deus, M. M. Tanik, and J. S. Almeida, “TCGA Toolbox: an Open Web App Framework for Distributing Big Data Analysis Pipelines for Cancer Genomics,”  presented at the BCB '13, Washington, DC, 2013, pp. 1–8.
  • D. E. Robbins, A. Grueneberg, M. M. Tanik, H. F. Deus, and J. S. Almeida, “A Self-Updated Roadmap of the Cancer Genome Atlas,” Bioinformatics, 2013.