Samford’s Master of Science in Health Informatics and Analytics provides students with the knowledge and skills needed to plan, build, analyze and run the digital foundations of modern health care. With our fast-track option, undergraduate students have the opportunity to earn their B.S. and M.S. in Health Informatics and Analytics in just five years of study.

The first three years of the fast-track program are dedicated to completing all required undergraduate courses. Students enroll in the M.S. in Health Informatics and Analytics during the spring semester of their senior year. Participation in this program requires careful advisement and scheduling.

Application Process

Students are required to apply for the fast-track program during the spring semester of their freshmen year. The application should be completed and submitted online. Eligible applicants will be invited for an interview. To receive the application link, contact our admission office at

Admission Requirements

Students must first apply to Samford University and be admitted. Students must then meet the following requirements:

Entering Requirements

  • Have a high school GPA of 3.5 or higher
  • Have an ACT score of 26 or higher
  • Earn a minimum 3.5 cumulative GPA on all work done at Samford University.
  • Submit three letters of reference
    • At least two letters must be from faculty members at Samford University
  • Complete all convocation credit by the end of your junior year
  • Submit the fast-track program application

Progression Requirements

  • Maintain a minimum GPA to remain in the program
    • GPA of 3.4 after 65 semester hours (end of sophomore year)
    • GPA of 3.3 after 101 semester hours (end of junior year)
  • Must earn at least a B or better on all graduate course work. 
  • Make a grade of C or better in each required undergraduate course. (Note: A grade of C- or lower constitutes a failure in all required health care informatics and analytics program  courses.)
    • A student will be allowed to take a failed health informatics and analytics  required program  course only one additional time.
  • When a student completes the undergraduate course work and begins the M.S.H.I.A. course work, he or she will follow the graduate health care administration student progression policy.

Students who do not meet the progression requirements for the fast-track M.S. in Health Informatics and Analytics program will be converted to the B.S. in Health Informatics and Analytics program if the student chooses to remain in the program and has not been otherwise terminated from it.

Eligible Major

Samford's fast-track M.S. in Health Informatics and Analytics is currently available for undergraduate student pursuing a major in:

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