Undergraduate students from select undergraduate Samford majors are eligible to participate in a fast-track option that allows students to graduate with a bachelor’s degree in their selected major and a Master of Public Health degree. The length of the fast-track program depends on the undergraduate major students are pursuing at Samford. Generally, the first three years are dedicated to completion of all required undergraduate courses. Students then enroll in M.P.H. courses during their senior year of undergraduate study. The M.P.H. courses completed during that year also satisfy general and directed undergraduate elective requirements, allow students to graduate with a bachelor’s degree. Students will seamlessly enter the M.P.H. program and complete the required number of semesters to earn their M.P.H. degree.

Participation in this program requires careful advisement and scheduling as well as permission of both the department chair of the undergraduate major and the chair of the Department of Public Health. A comprehensive list of eligible undergraduate majors is coming soon. Please contact Dr. Melissa Lumpkin, Chair of the Department of Public Health to learn more about the program.