Welcome to the Department of Nutrition and Dietetics at Samford University. Our department has a long history of preparing and nurturing students for a profession of helping people find and use the food they need for growth and health.  As one of man’s basic needs, healthy eating “may be common sense, but it is not common practice.”  Scientific research is finally confirming what nutritionists and dietitians have known for a very long time - what you eat, even what your mother ate, greatly affects your health and well-being.  As a part of the School of Public Health, our faculty, students and graduates are making a difference at every stage of the lifecycle in the lives of the people where they work and serve.

Thank you for taking the time to read about the Department of Nutrition and Dietetics and our programs. Nutrition and dietetic students reflect the University’s emphasis on undergraduate research with several opportunities to conduct original research and present findings at the local and national level. Classes are taught with a problem-based model that prepares students for a collaborative work environment. In the undergraduate program our students are required to complete a minimum number of hours shadowing dietitians and other nutrition professionals in community partnerships with hospitals, schools, clinics, restaurants and wellness programs to name a few. This enables our students to observe and work within their fields of interest as undergraduates. Our award-winning Student Dietetic Association develops leadership skills that contribute to the success of our students as undergraduates and graduates.  Because we at Samford value service to God, to family and to one another, our students participate in community service at home, nationally and internationally through class assignments as well as student initiatives. Nutrition and Dietetics faculty are committed to mentoring students who will be leaders of change, both on campus and in their community making the world a better place.