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The Pillar of Hope Youth Performing Arts Initiative
Pastor Amos Crews and Pillar of Hope Christian Church are working to serve their neighbors in Tarrant, Alabama, by growing and sustaining the Youth Performing Arts Initiative, with a purpose to provide economically disadvantaged children with ways to experience music and to have a creative outlet. Several Samford departments are joining forces to help make this dream a reality. 
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Journaling to God: A Visual Pathway to Deeper Faith
Journaling has long been a refuge for those seeking a private space to sort out their thoughts and feelings. When these reflections are directed towards God, it transforms into a spiritual practice that deepens faith and fosters a unique dialogue with our creator. In this post, Samford Art and Design Chair and Animate 2024 toolbox instructor, Scott Fisk, explores how journaling to God can serve as a spiritual tool, enhancing personal growth and providing solace during life’s trials and triumphs. 
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Faithfulness and Improvisation
At its heart, improvisation, (improv) involves creating amidst the unexpected. Can improv be a useful tool for developing and increasing our faith in God and our faithfulness to God? What would happen if we practiced saying “yes, and” to God even when we don’t know what might happen next? Pastor, improv comedy performer, and 2024 Animate toolbox instructor, Jacob Simmons, explores this unique connection in our latest post. 
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Praying New Ways with Old Psalms
The Psalms are ancient prayers – prayers that Jesus prayed and in which he dwells. When we bravely dive into the Psalms, we find that God is still meeting us afresh in these old words of faith. Reverend Sarah Smoot shares practices to help you embrace the Psalms again or for the first time. 
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Gospel: The Message Behind the Music
Gospel music unites people in a way that spoken words do not. From work songs to spirituals, hymns, and more, the history and origin of this music is so rich that, for many generations, it has helped African Americans endure hardship and has given them the strength to overcome. Calvin Institute of Christian Worship Campus Worship Associate, Nate Glasper, (and Animate 2024 Worship Leader), explores the significance of Gospel music in this latest post. 
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Healthy Congregational Worship—Engages All Generations
For centuries, even millennia, congregations have included entire families in worship. While it may be challenging work, the Bible shows precedent that bringing all generations together in worship is a fruitful and healthy model to follow. In his final blog on planning and leading healthy congregational worship, Jonathan Rodgers shares the importance of engaging all generations in the worship life of the church, and practical steps forward to implement this philosophy. 
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The Creativity of God
Beyond leaving us in awe, God’s creative nature should inspire us, particularly when we see the spark of creativity in ourselves and others. From a biblical perspective, our ability, propensity, and drive to create is evidence of the imago dei, the image of the Creator that resides in each human being. Spend time today reflecting on God’s creativity with Dr. Scott Guffin, who serves as the Executive Director of Christian Ministry at Samford.