Photo Reagan Wen
Welcoming in the Advent Season
Advent is a season of the church calendar, the liturgical year that annually fashions our time and rhythm into the shape of the gospel. 
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The Four Be’s of Difficult Conversations
The holidays often include additional time with family and friends, and for some, those gatherings will include difficult conversations in addition to delightful Thanksgiving and Christmas festivities. 
Photo Alabama Blackbelt Music
Alabama Black Belt Music Exchange
“Inspirational.” “Encouraging.” “Diverse.” “Enlightening.” “Special.” These are just a few of the words participants in the Alabama Black Belt Music Exchange use to describe their experience sharing music together the past three months. 
Photo Bains
All Saints’ Day: Three Themes
For over a thousand years, many Christians have celebrated November 1 as All Saints’ Day. In America, the day is best known for the preceding day: All Hallows’ Eve or Halloween. On Halloween we try to scare each other and dress up as what we are not. On All Saints’ Day, we encourage each other by remembering who we are. 
Photo Animate Planning Meeting
A Roadmap to Successful Program Planning
Tracy Hanrahan shares how you can plan an event without losing your mind. 
Photo drum lessons head to heart
From the Head to the Heart
This fall, the Samford University Center for Worship and the Arts is partnering with the Frances Marlin Mann Center for Leadership and Ethics to provide a community-based service cadre to School of the Arts students called the Alabama Black Belt Music Exchange.  
Photo Glenn Packiam
What Happens When You Stop
Our world has come to a screeching halt. And while skies are clearer and oceans are cleaner, our lives feel emptier. We miss being with our friends physically. We miss sharing meals and being in one another’s homes. Even as some of these things slowly return, we feel like we’re gaining a bit of our soul back.