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The Creativity of God
Beyond leaving us in awe, God’s creative nature should inspire us, particularly when we see the spark of creativity in ourselves and others. From a biblical perspective, our ability, propensity, and drive to create is evidence of the imago dei, the image of the Creator that resides in each human being. Spend time today reflecting on God’s creativity with Dr. Scott Guffin, who serves as the Executive Director of Christian Ministry at Samford. 
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How Poetry Helps Us Dwell in Difficulty
Rather than rushing to an answer, poetry allows us to ask questions. Unlike narrative, it doesn’t require a neat ending. Samford Assistant English Professor, Olivia Evans, explores the intersection of poetry and our relationship with God in this latest post. 
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What We’re Learning About Young People and Worship at Animate: Final Thoughts and Future Study
Young people are teaching us many important lessons through their experiences at Animate 2023. As we continue to study the impact of music and other variables on the participation of young people in worship, we recognize the importance of learning from their perspectives and experiences. Enjoy this final post on our learning about young people at Animate and make plans to join us at Animate 2024 to continue this important conversation!  
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Walking with Women Discerning a Call to Ministry
During Kristen Padilla’s adolescent years, one of her biggest desires was for a mentor – someone who could show her what it looked like when God called a woman to serve him in ministry. Though that desire was not fulfilled for Kristen as a teenager, she now seeks to live her life in such a way that demonstrates the love and truth of the gospel of Jesus Christ for other women. 
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Healthy Congregational Worship—Remembers Its Context and Community
Churches, like people, have their own distinct personalities and traits. By understanding and respecting the context and culture of a church, a worship leader may minister more effectively to the congregation the Lord has entrusted to them. Continuing our Worship Check-up series, Jonathan Rodgers explores how to consider your own church context and community. 
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What We’re Learning About Young People and Worship at Animate: Themes from Our Findings, Part Two
Based on our research with teenagers at Animate, we believe the act of involving students in the worship design process from the beginning contributes significantly to the sense of agency on the part of the students, enabling them to feel as though they, too, are worship leaders in their own right. This is part four of a five-part series on our learning about young people at Animate.  
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I’m a Visual Artist: Here’s How I Wish My Gifts Could Be Used in Church
Chances are, you're already incorporating musical and visual art into your church's weekly services. But, have you considered exploring ALL the different artistic forms available to you? CWA student resident, Peyton Robbins, challenges us to consider careful stewardship of the creative talents the Lord has entrusted to your congregation.