The Samford Ambassador program began in 1996 under the administration of President Thomas Corts to involve exceptional students in the development and promotion of the university. The first class of Ambassadors was comprised of 9 male and 9 female students; the program has since evolved into a prestigious and sought-after honor bestowed upon approximately 35 students. The students are often recognized by their signature suits—the ladies in Samford navy and the men with their Samford red and blue ties—and are committed to assisting the Samford administration by representing the university to the Board of Trustees, alumni, current and prospective donors, faculty, staff and the community at-large. Ambassadors serve as hosts of university-sponsored events, cultivate relationships through intentional interactions, exceptional hospitality and detailed service, and positively and accurately communicate the Samford story.

Selection Process

Each December, current Ambassadors and Samford faculty and staff members are encouraged to nominate outstanding students to apply for admission into the Samford Ambassador Program for the following year. In January, nominees receive an invitation to attend the Samford Ambassador Information Session to learn more about the program. Applications, which include several in-depth questions, multiple recommendation forms, a photo/video submission, and additional components, are to be completed by mid-February.

The next step for applicants is to attend a reception with current team members. There, the current team members will become better acquainted with candidates and candidates will have the opportunity to ask team members about their experience in the program. The Ambassador selection committee will convene the following day and will select the finalists, about 28-30 students, who will be invited to continue through the process.

Then, candidates will participate in an interview and a final reception with members of the Samford community. Final selections will be made the following day, and new members will be invited to join the program by the first week of March.

Responsibilities of Members

  • Be positive representatives of Samford and its student body at all times.
  • Attend organizational meetings twice a month throughout the school year. Ambassadors are expected to be punctual and stay the duration of the meeting.
  • Assist with a minimum of eight events in the fall semester and five events in the spring semester.
  • Commit to serve for the remainder of their undergraduate term. Students who attend graduate school within their traditional four years of college should serve through their senior year.
  • Maintain a cumulative grade point average of 3.0 or higher.
  • Accept and fulfill responsibilities assigned in an effective and commendable manner.
  • Understand and abide by the Samford Ambassadors guidelines and all policies of the Samford University administration including the Honor Code and Code of Values outlined in the Student Handbook.

Membership and Length of Term

  • Ambassadors are chosen each spring and are expected to serve after completing the mandatory orientation.
  • Ambassadors commit to serve for the remainder of their undergraduate term unless privilege is revoked by Samford University administration. If students are enrolled for a fifth year, they will be asked to continue serving in the program, unless they have already completed 3.5 years of service. If this is the case, they will be given the option to withdraw from the program. If team members enroll in a graduate program at Samford after completing their undergraduate degree, they may have the opportunity to continue in their Ambassador role at the discretion of the Samford Ambassador Advisor.
  • Ambassadors do not convene during the summer, although they occasionally may be called upon for special events or functions pending availability.