In addition to the benefits and opportunities provided to all SUAA members, there are also specific resources for young alumni. For those young alumni in Birmingham and Atlanta, the Young Alumni Board in each city hosts several events throughout the year. These events are fun and easy ways to build your community as a recent Samford graduate.

For those looking for meaningful volunteer opportunities, inspirational programs and a friendly, caring community, the Samford University Legacy League offers a junior membership (ages 40 and under). With membership starting at just $25 annually, this service organization unites more than 750 members in their commitment to provide life-changing scholarships to students with significant financial need and challenging circumstances. 

Another great way to stay connected to Samford is through the Samford Bulldog Club. This organization, which is committed to supporting Samford’s 360 student-athletes, offers first-class, exclusive game day experiences and unique networking opportunities for its members. With many levels of access and membership, the Bulldog Club provides opportunities for Samford student-athletes to compete with the best and excel in all areas of their Samford career. Young alumni (32 and under as of 5/31/19) receive a 50% discount off the published Bulldog Club membership levels.

Atlanta Young Alumni Board

The Young Alumni Board of Atlanta hosts events in the Atlanta area each semester for alumni ages 21-40. Attending young alumni events is a great way to meet and network with other alumni in the area in addition to connection opportunities through the Atlanta Alumni Chapter.

Board Members

  • Melissa Denning, '13
  • Phillip Gewin, '08
  • Brydee Fowler, '08
  • Daniel Denning, ‘14
  • Susan Hamm, ‘11
  • Sarah Cottingham, ‘11
  • Emily Long, ‘09
  • Matt Reid, ‘15
  • Brittany Wilson, ‘11
  • Mackenzie Morris Housman, ‘06
  • Kayla Marx Sutton, ‘15
  • Jonathan Flowers, ‘09
  • David Hayes, ’06 and ‘10
  • Christopher Putt, ‘09
  • Alex Koskey, ’04 and ‘07

Birmingham Young Alumni Board

With many graduates staying close to campus in the first few months or years after graduation, the Young Alumni Board of Birmingham is a great way to stay connected. A variety of programs and opportunities for young alumni, ages 21-35, occur throughout the year. Attending young alumni events is a great way to meet and network with other alumni in the area.

Board Members

  • Hannah Avery, '13
  • Matt Bontrager, '15
  • Sarah Grace Buckley, '14
  • Jordan Cole, '13
  • Matt Dixon, '11
  • Chris George, '09
  • Sadie Goodman, '10
  • James Graham, '14
  • Ginne Holcomb, '15
  • Anna Leigh Marshall, '13
  • Alex McNamara, '15
  • Brandon Nettles, '14
  • Chris Reid, '10
  • Parker Rosenberger, '11
  • Lee Ross, '09
  • Cameron Yaw, '13