Thank you for your interest in the Samford University Alumni Association Young Alumni Board. The Board was formed to support the continued development of quality young alumni and giving programs at Samford University. The Board consists of a maximum of 25 members who each serve a three year term.

To be eligible for membership on the Young Alumni Board, a candidate must hold an academic degree from Samford University, earned within 10 years of the beginning of the current calendar year, not exceed forty (40) years of age at the time membership to the Board would take effect, and submit a completed Membership Application Form. Assuming that there are open positions on the Board, decisions regarding new members will be made at the Fall meeting of the Board.

The commitment of serving on the Board includes a minimum of two meetings per year (Spring and Fall) and service on one committee per year. Members are also asked to complete a series of action items during their term as outlined in the Young Alumni Board Action Plan, including that members are encouraged to financially support Samford University and to attend alumni and non-alumni events on a regular basis.

Contact Information

Employment, Education & Contributions

Please include both undergraduate and graduate degrees, if applicable, and major(s), minor(s), or official concentration(s).


Each member of the Young Alumni Board is expected to participate in one of the Board's committees. Committee participation will include additional meetings and communication beyond the meetings of the Board. Please indicate the area(s) which you would be most interested in working. Please select no more than two options.

Event Programming

Responsible for strengthening the connections between young alumni and the University by providing opportunities for social engagement, professional networking, and philanthropic service.


Responsible for overseeing the future development of the Young Alumni Board, presenting candidates for membership to the Board, and presenting any member(s) for consideration of removal from the Board.


Will work to promote Samford University and its mission within the community through the use of social media and other resources.


Responsible for presenting a slate of officers to the Board for election. The Nominating Committee will be chaired by the Vice President and comprised of members of the Board who are not currently officers or candidates for election to office.