Published on August 24, 2017  

Founder and CEO of Cause a Scene


Nashville, TN

Area of Study:

Bachelors of Arts in Psychology, 2007

What's your favorite Samford memory?

I have a lot of great Samford memories, from the Sigma Chi Viking Step Sing show to my experience leading Derby Days and raising a lot of money for Children's Miracle Network. My best memory, however, was my time spent each August with Connections, getting to meet great student leaders on campus and helping freshmen with their transition into life at Samford. It was really inspiring during my 3 years as a Connections Leader seeing dozens of upperclassmen passionate about making the new class feel so at home on Samford's campus.

When was Cause A Scene founded?

Cause A Scene was informally founded (without a name at the time) in the fall of 2011 when 70 people gathered in my house for a house show with Seryn. In January 2012, Cause A Scene formally launched as a music blog to highlight up-and-coming artists from around the world, then in February as a house concert series. Since that time, Cause A Scene has hosted or presented over 65 shows in Nashville, primarily in houses, but also partnering with local music venues such as the Basement, 12th & Porter, High Watt and more. 

Where did the idea come from?

I launched Cause A Scene out of an unending passion for discovering creative talent, particularly with bands, and for live music. It started with a simple question to one band touring through Nashville: "If you're ever back in town, would you like to play a show in my living room?" I never could have anticipated what the next 2 years or so would look like. I've been blessed to be able to make my dream a reality. 

Was there a Samford experience that sparked your interest in the music business?

I think my time with Engage Magazine served as a catalyst for what was to come with Cause A Scene. I've always had a love affair with music and discovering burgeoning talent early on in their careers, but through Engage I had the opportunity to curate my first show with Needtobreathe, Paper Route, Matthew Mayfield, The Triceratops and Motel Matches in the Wright Center. It was my first real experience in the music world, and I think that period of my life really planted seeds for my desire to work with creatives full-time. 

What’s your favorite part of the job?

Without a doubt, it's the community that I'm surrounded by because of Cause A Scene. I think the house show setting fosters a sense of camaraderie that a show in a true music venue isn't able to do. The people that have come into my life through hosting shows are some of the most inspiring, creative, interesting people I've had the opportunity to meet. For me, it's all about bringing people together and having them experience something that is bigger than themselves.