Published on August 24, 2017  

Co-Founders of Brier and Moss


Jonathan, Atlanta, Georgia 
Nick, Nashville, Tennessee

Areas of Study:

Nick graduated from Samford in 2006 with a BA in music. Jonathan graduated from Samford in 2007 with a BA in Psychology, and recently finished his pursuit of a MBA from the University of Georgia. 

What's your best piece of advice to Samford students?

Never underestimate how far you can push yourself to achieve your goals. Becoming successful as entrepreneur mandates long hours, tough choices, and sacrifice. But sticking with it through those tough times will be worth it. While it doesn't guarantee success, it will teach you what it takes once you do hit on the right idea.

How was Brier and Moss founded?

The business was founded in 2011 after we discovered that companies were not making the collegiate-colored repp stripe bow ties we wanted. We both saw a need in the marketplace and decided to move forward by starting a company, Brier & Moss. We worked for about 6 months securing suppliers, ordering design samples, and setting marketing plans. 

After a trip to Savannah with some of our Samford Sigma Chi fraternity brothers, we decided on the name “Moss” first after observing the Spanish moss in the trees. Briar quickly followed and we settled on the Anglican spelling “Brier” with an “e.” We launched in January of 2012 and quickly gained momentum in the marketplace. From making the official tie for the Atlanta Steeplechase to being featured in Southern Living’s “50 Reasons We’re Thankful To Be Southern,” we've been blessed to find success.

Was there a Samford experience that had an influence on the company?

Our involvement in fraternity at Samford helped shape our ideas of the southern man’s wardrobe and laid the foundation for how we market to our target audience. We also began our friendship in the fraternity as big brother/little brother.

What's your favorite part of the job?

Our favorite part of the job is being able to bring in our family and close friends to share in our achievements and participate in the brand. We recently had a photo shoot for new products, and as we do every time, held a celebration after with cast, crew, family, and friends. This journey is one we have never traveled alone, so we try to include all of the people that have taken it with us.