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Photo what will last
From the Archives: What Will Last
This podcast originally aired Feb. 22, 2011, and is the second in a series of helpful sermons we are resharing this summer. Part of the series, "Great Preachers, Past and Present," founding dean Timothy George and Robert Smith Jr., discuss the message, "What Will Last," preached by Howard Edington just a week after the tragic accidental death of his only son. The sermon in its entirety follows their discussion. 
Photo good snake gone bad
From the Archives: A Good Snake Gone Bad
For our summer podcast series, we'll be examining previous episodes of the Beeson podcast focused on preaching. In this episode, first published in 2011, founding dean Timothy George and longtime professor Robert Smith Jr. analyze Haddon Robinson's sermon "A Good Snake Gone Bad." This sermon on 2 Kings 18:4 was preached at the Beeson Pastors School. 
Photo Wards
A Conversation with Sandon and Megan Ward
Dean Douglas Sweeney sits down for a conversation with Beeson student Sandon Ward and his wife, Megan, about their medical missions work. 
Photo Webster
A Conversation with Doug Webster
Dean Douglas Sweeney sits down for a conversation with Beeson professor Doug Webster to talk about his new book, "More than a Sermon." 
Photo CarrPodcast
A Conversation with Jesse Carr
Dean Douglas Sweeney sits down for a conversation with Jesse Carr, this term's recipient of the James Earl Massey Student Preaching Award.