The Ida V. Moffett School of Nursing offers students access to some of the most advanced simulation technology available in the world. In fall 2010, the school of nursing began operating a state-of-the-art human simulation center that is transforming the student learning experience. The simulation environment is unique to Samford and is unmatched by other local schools of nursing.

Simulators offer students invaluable clinical experience as they allow faculty to recreate common health-care situations and provide students the opportunity to respond accordingly.

The five simulators:

  • Differ in function and purpose
  • React to nursing interventions just as a typical patient would, demonstrating the effects of different drugs and treatment methods
  • Serve as a component of all undergraduate clinical courses
  • Serve as an integral aspect of the nurse anesthesia curriculum to bridge the didactic-clinical gap, and afford students the practice of both technical and nontechnical skills in a safe setting without patient risk
  • Prepare students to enter the clinical environment with confidence in their skills.

The simulation center includes the following patient care areas:

  • Operating Room
  • Adult Medical Surgical Suite
  • Pediatric Suite
  • Labor, Delivery and Post-Partum Suite
  • Newborn Nursery Area
  • Observation Room
  • Control Rooms