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RN to M.S.N.

Ida V. Moffett School of Nursing is proud to be the only school in Alabama offering a true online RN to M.S.N. program in which you do not earn a B.S.N. degree. Through the RN to M.S.N. option, the school of nursing provides experienced registered nurses who currently hold an associate of science in nursing or a hospital diploma with the opportunity to earn an M.S.N. through a nontraditional path. Students in the RN to M.S.N. program can pursue any M.S.N. option, with the exception of nurse anesthesia. The RN to M.S.N. program begins once each year in January.

The RN to M.S.N. option consists of five bridge courses, which can be completed in two semesters. Successful completion of all five bridge courses must be accomplished in order to progress to the M.S.N. core courses. When taken full time and in sequence, the RN to M.S.N. option takes seven semesters to complete. General education courses may be completed at another university and then transferred to Samford prior to enrolling in the RN to M.S.N. program.

Why Samford?+

RN to M.S.N. students:

  • Earn an M.S.N. degree online in seven semesters
  • Participate in cutting edge, web-based learning with clinical and practicum experiences close to home
  • Access all coursework and resources anywhere, anytime from any internet-connected electronic device
  • Receive personal attention from caring and supportive Samford faculty and advisors
  • Experience a rich tradition of high academic standards and quality education practice
  • Visit Samford's beautiful campus in Birmingham, Alabama, for four required sessions during the program
  • Could potentially participate in the Nurse Faculty Loan Program

Admission Requirements & Criteria+

RN to M.S.N. Admission Deadline

Entry month: January 2015
NursingCAS Deadline: September 1

To apply for a program that has a September 1 deadline, please use the 2014-2015 NursingCAS application only.

RN to M.S.N. Admission Criteria

RN to M.S.N. applicants should meet the following criteria:

  • Associate of Science in Nursing from NLNAC or CCNE accredited program or hospital diploma
  • Completion of a minimum of 72 hours of college credit
  • Undergraduate cumulative GPA of at least 3.0 on a 4.0 scale
  • Minimum score of 402 on MAT or minimum score on GRE of 153 verbal, 144 quantitative and 4.0 analytical writing
  • A Likelive video submission
  • Completion of required general education prerequisites
  • Unencumbered licensure as a registered nurse
  • If accepted, a non-refundable fee of $750 is required to secure admission into the program. This fee is applied to the first semester's tuition. 

Application Process+

RN to M.S.N. Application Process

The steps below outline the application process for the RN to M.S.N. program. To apply, you are required to submit both an application through the nursing centralized application process (NursingCAS) as well as a supplemental application form. Before starting these applications, we recommend that you complete the following checklist:

  • Obtain student copies of your college transcripts to assist you in completing the coursework section for the application.
  • Carefully read the "Before you apply, Instructions, Code of Cooperation and FAQs" sections at before you get started.


    As stated on the NursingCAS site, the Nursing Centralized Application Service (NursingCAS) simplifies the process of applying to nursing programs. Compete one application and send it along with other information to our centralized service. NursingCAS will verify your application for accuracy, calculate your GPA and send your materials to the nursing programs you designate. These sections detail critical components of the centralized application process.
  • Request official transcripts from each institution attended by using the transcript request form in NursingCAS.
    Complete the form, submit it to the registrar's office of each institution attended and instruct them to enclose the form with your official sealed transcript. Transcripts must be sent to the NursingCAS Transcript Department. NursingCAS accepts official transcripts sent directly from the registrar's office only. Please send transcripts as early as possible and no less than four to six weeks before the application deadline due to the time needed by NursingCAS to verify your application.
  • Pay the initial service fee of $65 when submitting the NursingCAS application.
  • Submit evidence of current unencumbered license as a registered nurse through NursingCAS on the Professional Experience/Certifications section.
    Include state of issuance, number and expiration date.
  • Obtain three letters of recommendation from 1) current or previous professor; 2) supervisor; and 3) professional colleague. 
    These letters of recommendation will be submitted through NursingCAS. The references should attest to the applicant's academic ability and potential.
  • Submit official test scores to Samford University Graduate Nursing Program.
  • Submit a Likelive video.

Conditional Admission

Should any of the above conditions not be met, the applicant may be considered on an individual basis for conditional admission. In the event of conditional admission, the applicant must complete the first nine credits of the required graduate nursing curriculum at Samford University with a B or better in each course attempted. Failure to meet the requirement as stated will prevent progression in the graduate program.

Plan of Study & Clinical Requirements+

RN to M.S.N. Family Nurse Practitioner Curriculum

The RN to M.S.N. family nurse practitioner program requires 57 total credit hours.

RN to M.S.N. Family Nurse Practitioner Plan of Study

RN to M.S.N. Nurse Educator Curriculum

The RN to M.S.N. nurse educator program requires 53 total credit hours.

RN to M.S.N. Nurse Educator Plan of Study

RN to M.S.N. Health Systems Management & Leadership Curriculum

The RN to M.S.N. health systems management & leadership curriculum requires 45 credit hours and 500 clinical practice hours to graduate.

RN to M.S.N. Health Systems Management and Leadership Plan of Study

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