We want to do more than teach you how to lead others in worship. We want to give you the tools you need to create more meaningful, authentic, powerful, and intentional worship for the people you lead. Each week, we will post a variety of resources for you to use in your services, and you can find them here.

Browse these pages. You’ll find materials to help you plan worship as well as sample worship services relevant to each season of the year. Purchase resources we suggest, download free material we provide, or simply use our ideas as inspiration for your own! Feeling brave? Grab some friends and generate your own ideas with My Toolbox, a page to prompt your own planning process.

Worship in Tragedy Image Graphic
Worship in Tragedy
Module 1 Image
Let Me Tell You a Story
Module 2 Image
Living to Love
Module 3 Image
Journey to the Cross
Module 4 Image
The Final Steps
Module 5 Image
Prayer Services
Module 7 Image
Redeeming Our Time
Module 6 Image
Journey to the Manger