Karen   Bost
Business Operations Coordinator
Brock School of Business
201 F Cooney Hall

Karen Bost serves as the business operations coordinator for Brock School of Business where she most previously held the position of administrative assistant to the associate dean. She came to Brock School of Business in 2018 where she initially served as administrative assistant to the Accounting and Economics, Finance and Quantitative Analysis Departments. Previously she worked in the Orlean Beeson School of Education from 2001-2004 and returned in 2010.  She was made data manager in 2016 and was instrumental in setting up and managing the data management systems and working with the associate dean of accreditation to complete program reports resulting in multiple programs receiving national recognition for the first time.  

She lives locally with her husband, Billy.  She enjoys her Maltipoos, Jasper and Winnie, travelling, reading and spending time with family.  She attends Hunter Street Baptist Church.