Jaejoo  Lim
Associate Professor of Data Analytics
Brock School of Business
Department of Economics Finance and Quantitative Analysis
389 G Cooney Hall

Jaejoo Lim is an associate professor of data analytics in Brock School of Business. He teaches data analytics courses including database management. He is originally from South Korea, and worked in international banks in Hong Kong and South Korea as manager of overseas inter-bank loan. Prior to joining Samford, he was a professor in the University of Arkansas at Fort Smith. Lim’s research interest lies in analytics of data in a variety of forms and investigating and securing information quality. His research has been published in many premier journals.

Degrees and Certifications

  • Ph.D., Clemson University, Management in the track of Information Systems
  • M.S., Georgia State University, Computer Information Systems
  • B.A., Seoul National University, South Korea


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