Mission of DSAC 

The mission of the School of Business Dean's Student Advisory Council (DSAC) is to represent and respond to student concerns, to bring faculty and students together, to promote the development and growth of academic programs and facilities with a goal of striving to make our business school distinctive among other professional schools.

2017-2018 Members

  • Olivia Allensworth
  • Emerson Brooks 
  • Shelby Collins 
  • Lilla Bea Granger 
  • Jay Michael Johnson 
  • Callan Kreidel 
  • Rhys Miller
  • Jordan Oballe 
  • Tyler Pierce 
  • Janis Prouty
  • Annie Roache
  • Sarrah Weston
  • Sam Zoldock 

Faculty & Staff

  • Dr. J. Howard Finch
  • Dr. Barbara Cartledge