The Dean’s Advisory Board is a selected group of professionals, practitioners and experts in pertinent fields sharing their knowledge and experience with Orlean Beeson School of Education to further our mission of enriching the community and empowering our students to educate, lead and serve.

Board Members

Dean Anna McEwan, Ph.D.
Kathy Acton
Ruth Ash, Ed.D.
Linda Askins
Lisa Beckham, Ed.D.
Jeanie Box Cook, Ph.D.
Delisa Brooks, Ed.D.
Keighlee Buchanan
Argie Campbell
Gwen Childs
Julie Clemens
Bill Cleveland, Ed.D.
Julie Culverhouse
Anne Durward, J.D.
Jennifer Jackson
Autumm Jeter, Ed.D.
Katherine King, Ed.D.
Maggie Lawrence
Ann Layne
Jewel Littleton, NBCT
Shelly Mize, Ed.D.
Randy Pittman
Pam Smith
Beth Steed, Ed.D.
Anne Stone
Lori Sullivan
Jeanna Westmoreland, Ed.D.
Bet Wright
Jennifer Wyatt
Mary Wyatt, Chair