CAEP Annual Reporting

CAEP uses annual reporting measures to provide information to the public on both program outcome and program impact. The measures are:

Impact on P-12 Learning and Development

As part of their graduate course requirements, five completers over three years conducted action research projects in the P-12 classrooms in which they were currently teaching. Completers in the study identified an area of focus applicable to their students and their setting and developed a research question to guide their inquiry and data collection plans.

Chart: Impact on P-12 Learning and Development

Indicators of Teaching Effectiveness

In the survey produced by the AACTE, employers were asked to rate their first-year teachers as Teacher Leader, Effective Teacher, Emerging Teacher, or Ineffective Teacher. Samford completers outperformed the state with regard to understanding and using a variety of instructional strategies and make learning accessible to all learners.

Chart: Content Knowledge
Chart: Instructional Practice
Chart: Learner and Learning
Chart: Professional Responsibility

Satisfaction of Employers

Initial Programs Employer Satisfaction – Employer Responses

Chart: Satisfaction of Employers

Advanced Programs Employer Satisfaction: Employer/Completer Survey Timeline

  • Fall, 2020 begin phase out of MSE Elem and MSE Gifted programs
  • Fall, 2020 Advanced programs MSE IL and Ed.S IL began creating a new employer and completer survey that is reflective of advanced Instructional Leadership programs. Since the EPP no longer has other advanced programs, a new instrument will be created to better reflect those programs as well as IL standards alignment.
  • Spring, 2021 Piloted survey
  • Fall, 2021 Revise survey based on results

Stakeholder Involvement

Chart: Stakeholder Involvement

Focus Group Overview: Gifted Program

Chart: Focus Group Overview Gifted Program

Gifted Focus Group Transcript

Focus Group Overview: SEED

Chart: Focus Group Overview SEED

SEED Focus Group Transcript

Candidate Competency at Program Completion: Initial Programs

Chart: edTPA ESEC and CEM

Chart: edTPA SEED and ENLA

Chart: edTPA ALT-A Elementary Education


Chart: Completer Information

Chart: Praxis Pass Rates

Chart: Ability to Meet Licensure Initial Programs

Candidate Competency at Program Completion: Advanced Programs

Advanced Programs Fall 2020 Off-campus

Chart: MSE Exam Scores Off-campus

Advanced Programs Fall 2020 On-campus

Chart: MSE Exam Scores On-campus

Chart: Ability to Meet Licensure Advanced Programs

Ability of Completers to be Hired

Chart: Ability to be Hired Initial Programs

Chart: Teacher Education First Destination

Chart: Ability to be Hired Advanced Programs

Consumer Information

Samford Student Loan Default Rates
Year Rate
2018 2%
2017 2.6%
2016 2.9%
2015 1.9%
2014 2.1%
2013 2.0%
2012 0.7%
Source: Samford Director of Student Financial Services; Data: 2018-19 Samford Rate Schedule

Assessment Process

CAEP Approved Programs

Initial Programs Reviewed
Class B Programs Review Options
ESEC: Early Childhood, Special Education, Elementary, Collaborative (Includes the following certificates)
Early Childhood P-3 NAEYC
Elementary K-6 AL: CIEP
Early Childhood Special Education (P-3) AL: CIEP
Elementary Collaborative (K-6) AL: CIEP
Elementary with Christian Missions Concentration
Elementary K-6 AL: CIEP
SEED: Secondary Education (Includes the following content certificate areas)
English Language Arts NCTE
French (6-12 and P-12) AL: CIEP
German (6-12 and P-12) AL: CIEP
Spanish (6-12 and P-12) AL: CIEP
Mathematics AL: CIEP
General Social Studies NCSS
History CIEP
Choral Music P-12 NASM
Instrumental Music P-12 NASM
Alternative Route Programs Reviewed
Programs Review Options
Alt. A Elementary
Elementary K-6 ACEI
Alt. A Secondary (Includes the following content certificate areas)
English Language Arts (6-12) NCTE
Spanish (6-12) AL: CIEP
Mathematics NCTM
General Science AL: CIEP
Biology AL: CIEP
General Social Studies AL: CIEP
History CIEP
Alt. A P-12
Choral Music P-12 NASM
Instrumental Music P-12 NASM
Physical Education P-12 NASPE
Alt. A Collaborative
Collaborative K-6 AL: CIEP
Collaborative 6-12 AL: CIEP
Advanced Programs Reviewed
Class A Programs Review Options
MSE Gifted Education CEC
MSE Elementary No SPA or CIEP
MS in Instructional Leadership ELCC/NELP
EdS in Instructional Leadership ELCC/NELP

Public Reports Archive

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