In 2015, in celebration of its 100th anniversary, Orlean Beeson School of Education established the Learning for Life Award to honor outstanding education alumni that have made a significant impact in the lives of others.

The mission of the education school is to, “enrich the community and empower its students to educate, lead, and serve.” Additionally, one of the school’s core values is that learning is a life-long commitment. Two statements that the Learning for Life Award celebrates and chosen honorees emulate.

Although their career paths may be different, recipients are all similar in the way that they have made a notable influence in their respective fields of study, in their local communities and the world. We are proud of the different ways that our education graduates impact our world for Christ.

Orlean Beeson School of Education invites you to join us as we celebrate the incredible Kingdom work of our education alumni and friends through the prestigious Learning for Life Awards dinner.

Learning for Life Honorees

2023 Learning for Life Honorees

Elizabeth Brinkley - 2019
Jessica DePaolantonio - 2018
Peter J. Hughes - 2007, 2017
Andy Jackson – 2009
Katherine Rodgers – 2015, 2017
Daniel Steele – 2002, 2005

2022 Learning for Life Honorees

Autumm M. Jeter - 2006, 2012
Eden Jones-Hinds - 1995, 2011
Becky Gordy Lehmann – 1980
Meridith Nealy Starling - 2000
Patrick White - 2011, 2013
Amanda Wilbanks - 2019

2021 Learning for Life Honorees

April Harris Finkley – 2019
Jacqnaii A. Finkley – 2012, 2019
Alicia Hunsberger – 2001, 2018
Katie King – 2000, 2008, 2010, 2015
Kathleen Needham – 2014
Lori L. Sullivan – 1979, 1982
Jason Allen Waltman – 2000
Jenny Anderson Waltman – 1998

2019 Learning for Life Honorees

Mary Wyatt Crenshaw - 2000
Heather Hurt - 2013
Alice Laurendine - 1995, 2001
John Lowry - 2014
Renee Pitts - 1995, 1998
Chandra Sparks Splond - 2017
Pat Wingfield - 1966

2018 Learning for Life Honorees

Meghan Allen - 2009
Chelsea Byrd - 2011, 2017
Jennifer Carter - 1996
Lauren Dunnam - 2009, 2011
Justin Hefner - 2014, 2016, 2018
Matthew Kiser - 2016
Jennifer Jackson - 1990
Maggie Lawrence - 2010
Loretta Rowan - 1971, 1991
Jeremy Sandefur - 2007
Marla Vaughn - 2007, 2009
Jewel Littleton - 2005, 2010
Bet Wright - 1994
Sarah Young - 2001

2017 Learning for Life Honorees

Kathy Acton - 1980
Lewis Brooks - 2010
Argie Campbell - 2010
Marisa Sterling Dempsey - 1999
Sherri Foyt - 1990
Emily Freeland - 2013
Dana Mungenast - 1993
Erin Cheek Robbins - 1998
Felicia Allen Smith - 1992, 2001
Shelly Vail-Smith - 1991, 2001, 2002

2015 Learning for Life Honorees

Kelly Alling
Buddy Anderson
Suzan Armstrong
Linda Bachus
Mary Sue Baldwin
Walter Barnes
Brian Bauman
Morcease Beasley
Lisa Beckham
Marissa Benjamin
Karen Birkenfeld
Bonnie Bolding
Bobby Bowden
Betsy Box
Katrina Brown
Tyler Burgess
Daphne Carr
Nita Carr
Jennifer Carroll
Sonia Carrington
Amanda Cavin
Patrick Chappell
Gwen Childs
Kara Chism
Lindy Cleveland
William Cleveland
Tyler Coffey
Dennis Conner
Joseph Connick
Janet Cumbee
Robin Duncan
Holly Dymond
Shirley Garrett
Heather Gassner
Anita Gay
Ralph Gold
Hilton Green
John Green
Norma Green
Rachel Gregory
Elizabeth Hagan
Charolette Hamby
Julie Hannah
John Haywood
Alvin Hines, II
Sarah Hines
Amy Hoaglund
Lea Hoppe
Sherri Huff
Eden Hutchins
Jennifer Johnston
Ann Jones
Devyn Keith
Lyssette Kennemore
Evelyn Kernachan
Suzanne Lacey
Markanne Larberg
Phil Lazenby
Brian Lindsey
Kelsey Logan
Caroline Love
Kevin Maddox
Cathlena Martin
Jack McGill
Carol McArthur
Ann McInvale
Taylor Milburn
Josna Mishra
Shelly Mize
MaryAnn Moon
Bob Newton
Jodi Newton
Marianne Pearce
Perry Phillips
Lily Portlock
Craig Pouncey
Ryan Rainer
Mark Richardson
Wayne Richarson
Chris Robbins
Betsy Rogers
Jordan Sanders
Chuck Sands
David Saunders
Jimmy Shaw
Patricia Simpson
Christen Sloderbeck
Pamela Smith
Barbara Snyder
Mandy Jayne Stanley
Anne Stone
Regina Thompson
Gwendolyn Tilghman
Leah Treadwell
James Ward
Dorothy Westbrock
Karen Westbrook
Jane Weygand
Anne Whirley
John Whirley
Trudy White
Vic Wilson
Mary Wyatt
Frank Adams, Sr.
John Armstrong
Eulette Carter
Raymond Christian
Maralyn Christian
Martha Cox
Pearl Cranford
Arthur Dennis
Dorothy Donovan
Mae Flynt
Wynema Lowry
Felix Moore
Frances Stone
Hazel Strickland
Annie Garner

Orlean Beeson Award

Orlean Beeson School of Education is impacted daily by the tireless efforts of our faculty, staff and friends (non-alumni) who invest in serving our students and furthering our mission. To honor these investments, the Orlean Beeson Award was created in 2019, in memory of our benefactor and namesake. Award recipients exemplify this same impact by using their God given talents to further our mission of enriching the community and empowering our students to educate, lead and serve.

2023 Orlean Beeson Award Recipient

Marla H. Corts

2022 Orlean Beeson Award Recipients

Ann and Ron Layne

2021 Orlean Beeson Award Recipients

Liz Huntley
Honorable Drayton Nabers

2019 Inaugural Orlean Beeson Award Recipients

Jeanie Box
Monique Witherspoon

Jodi Newton Excellence in Character Education Award

The cultivation of character and “living a life for good” is woven into the fabric of Orlean Beeson School of Education because it is an extension of our mission to positively impact individuals, communities, and the world. The faculty and staff prepare students by developing in them both professional competence and strength of character. Through the Jodi Newton Excellence in Character Education Award, Orlean Beeson School of Education honors a graduate who embodies Christ-like virtues and excels in advancing character education in families, schools, and communities.

2023 Jodi Newton Excellence in Character Education Recipient

Patricia Simpson – 2002, 2014

2022 Jodi Newton Excellence in Character Education Recipient

John Lowry - 2014

2021 Inaugural Jodi Newton Excellence in Character Education Recipient

Quentin J. Lee - 2009, 2017

Nominate Someone

If you know an Orlean Beeson School of Education graduate who excels in his or her career and/or makes a significant impact in the lives of others, we encourage you to nominate them for the Learning for Life Awards. Nominations for this year's event will close on June 14. Subsequent nominations will be automatically considered for next year's event.

Make a Tribute Gift

We invite you to join us in celebrating the Kingdom work of our Orlean Beeson School of Education students, faculty, staff, alumni and friends by making a tribute gift. Your gifts allow us to continually invest in the success of our students, providing scholarships and academic resources where the needs are greatest.