Dean’s Executive Council is a selected group that meets to discuss Orlean Beeson School of Education current affairs. The members support the school with encouragement, direction and financial contributions.

Council Members

Interim Dean J. Howard Finch, Ph.D.
Kathy Acton
Linda Askins
Betsy Box, Ed.D.
Jeanie Box, Ph.D.
Abby Brock Santiago
Keighlee McCaslin Buchanan
Argie Johnson Campbell
Sonia Carrington, Ed.D.
Jennifer Wyatt Carter
Gwen Childs
Julie Clemens
Mary Crawford
Julie Culverhouse
Carol Dean, Ed.D.
Anne Durward, J.D.
Susie Hammers
Bill Jenkins
Von Jenkins
Katherine King, Ed.D.
Maggie Worthington Lawrence
Ann Layne
Lynn Lloyd
Shelly Mize, Ed.D.
Mary Ann Moon
Jodi Newton, Ed.D.
Randy Pittman
Jan Prescott
Clay Rainer, M.D.
Pam Smith
Chandra Sparks Splond
Beth Steed, Ed.D.
Anne Stone
Jan Thrower
Jeanna Westmoreland, Ed.D.
Jewel Littleton Williams, NBCT
Bet Wright
Mary Wyatt