Kate  Scarborough
Assistant Professor
Orlean Beeson School of Education
Teacher Education
308 Orlean Bullard Beeson Hall

Kate Scarborough, PhD, joined the Department of Teacher Education at Samford University in 2021. Dr. Scarborough’s professional interests lie in the preparation of teachers. As a faculty member in initial teacher licensure programs, she teaches a variety of graduate and undergraduate courses including Teaching Diverse Learners and Classroom Management. Dr. Scarborough has publications in books and journals and presentations at state, national, and international conferences examining methods for teacher preparation. She explores the preparation through multiple lenses such as the integration of faith and vocation, perceptions of diverse learners, methods of instruction in teacher education programs, and innovative practices for paraprofessional preparation. As a former teacher and school administrator, Dr. Scarborough places significant emphasis on modeling excellence in instruction and creating a caring community for her students. 


  • PhD, Early Childhood Education, Florida State University
  • MEd, Administration and Supervision, University of Virginia
  • BS, Elementary Education, Florida State University

Most Recent Presentations

  • Scarborough, K. & Cobia, F.J. (May 2024) Shifting Mindsets: Approaches for Broadening Understandings and Sparking. The Asian Conference on Cultural Studies, Tokyo, Japan.

  • Scarborough, K., Kennedy, H., & Shepard, T. (May 2024) What Does Our Work Say About God’s Story? Promising Practices for Integrating Faith and Work for Preservice Teachers. International Christian Community for Teacher Education, Wenham, MA.

  • Scarborough, K., Shepard, T., & Kennedy, H. (May 2024) Books that Build Character. Higher Education Character Convening, Pensacola, FL.

  • Scarborough, K. (March 2024) Unlocking Promising Practices: Keys to Serving All Children. Alabama National Association of Multicultural Educators Conference, Montevallo, AL.

  • Scarborough, K. & Cobia, F.J. (March 2024) Attitude Adjustments: How Your Approach Can Ignite Progress and Unite Students. Critical Questions in Education Conference, New Orleans, LA.

  • Scarborough, K., Shepard, T., & King, T. (January 2024) Reading Fellows: An Initiative with Samford University & I3 Academy. Alabama Higher Education Science of Reading Symposium, Florence, AL.

  • Kennedy, H. & Scarborough, K. (October 2023). Morning Meeting: Promoting Character, Community, & Inclusion. Alabama Early Intervention and Preschool Conference, Mobile, AL


  • Scarborough, K., Hoaglund, A., & Birkenfeld, K. (2023). Commitment to Equity. In The Commitment-Based Teacher: Cultivating Professional Character for Lasting Impact. essay, Kendall Hunt.

  • Kennedy, H., Scarborough, K., Jurgenson, K. (2023). Foundational Literacy within Content Areas: A Practitioner’s Guide. Reading Paradigm.

  • Scarborough, K., Soja, M., & Benton, A. (2022). “I Didn't Mean That…”: The Importance of a Common Language for Assessing Candidate Dispositions. In Dispositional Development and Assessment in Teacher Preparation Programs (pp. 18-35). IGI Global.

  • Al Otaiba, S., Lake, V.E., Scarborough, K., Allor, J. & Carreker, S. (2016). Preparing beginning reading teachers for K-3: Teacher preparation in higher education. Perspectives on Language and Literacy, 42(4), 25-32.