Ed.D. in Educational Leadership

Samford University's Doctorate of Education in educational leadership program is designed for students interested in leadership issues, as applied to educational institutions. The program is offered in multiple formats; face-to-face, 50-50 blended and predominately online. The face-to-face format is offered at Samford University in the evenings. All formats provide a strong cohort learning environment.

With the predominately online program, you will enjoy unprecedented access and convenience in achieving your educational ambitions from a university that has become synonymous with equipping great leaders for success. In the online program, a typical semester calls for two on campus meetings.

Our award-winning faculty - former teachers, principals and superintendents, who are expert leaders in their fields - are dedicated to your learning and success.

If you need an education specialist (Ed.S.) degree before earning your Ed.D., we offer an excellent opportunity through our Ed.S. program in Instructional Leadership. Please contact us and we will be more than happy to share more information with you.

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