Mission, Vision and Values


Orlean Beeson School of Education empowers its students to educate, lead, and serve; enriching the community and making a positive difference in the world.


The vision of Orlean Beeson School of Education is to be distinguished for excellence as a committed, Christian community, widely recognized for quality education and well-prepared students.


Orlean Beeson School of Education bases its mission on the following beliefs:

  • Education has worth and power to change individuals and the world.
  • Continuous, lifelong learning is vital to academic and spiritual growth.
  • Learning is inclusive and experienced in a variety of ways.
  • Innovation, while continuously improving practice, benefits an organization.
  • Service leadership and collaboration foster a strong, positive working environment.

Strategic Principles

In Orlean Beeson School of Education:

  • We commit to exemplify our Christian faith through our professional responsibilities.
  • We will expand the culture of expected excellence.
  • We will engage in rigorous data-informed continuous improvement.
  • We will provide the valued support necessary for the accomplishment of our mission.