M.S.E. in Instructional Leadership

In partnership with selected school systems, we offer a unique opportunity for graduate study in Instructional Leadership. A master of science degree in Instructional Leadership is available for candidates who hold a bachelor of science degree and Class B certification in education and have completed three years successful teaching experience. Candidates currently holding a master of science degree and Class A certification in an education field may be eligible for the Class A Program in Instructional Leadership by completing a Class A Program rather than a full degree program. Instructional Leadership certification provides the candidate with the required credentials to be considered for leadership positions in K–12 schools/systems in Alabama.

Career Options

Educational administrator


Placement opportunities in all local schools.

18-Hour Certificate in Instructional Leadership

Candidates holding a master’s degree in a teaching field, e.g. Elementary Education, Secondary, Education, etc. from an accredited college/university, and a Class A certificate from the Alabama State Department of Education may be admitted to an 18-hour semester program. Upon a successful completion of six prescribed courses (18 semester hours) the candidate will be eligible for the Class A Certificate in Instructional Leadership.



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