Published on April 4, 2013 by Dr. Michele Haralson  

A newly renovated Curriculum Materials and Technology Center (CMTC) is facilitating academic research and collaboration in Orlean Bullard Beeson School of Education and Professional Studies. With improvements completed during the summer of 2012, the CMTC now provides students, faculty and staff with current resources, media and services as they design and utilize instructional materials.

Dr.Michele Haralson, CMTC director, said the space has grown so popular that the staff has had to find a new way to manage the space.

“This area has always been used a lot, but even more so now for small group collaborations and class presentations,” said Haralson. “Groups from all over campus, and off campus, request to use it for luncheons and meetings.”  

The improvements were implemented based on input from students and employees to better meet the needs of its patrons. More electrical outlets and hardwire Internet outlets were installed. A new printer allows students to print when the lab is closed. The ceiling, flooring and lighting were all replaced, and the circulation desk remodeled. Multifunctional tables and chairs allow for more flexibility. Two flat-screen televisions have VGA and HDMI capabilities. A smart TV adds to the technological advances.

The student workroom also experienced renovations, including installation of new flooring, shelving and stainless steel appliances. One half of the area serves as the faculty workroom while the other half serves as a resource center for students.

The CMTC consists of three connected areas: instructional technology lab, education library and the student and faculty work room. The center is located on the third floor of Orlean Bullard Beeson Hall.