Published on April 2, 2013 by Beth Smith  

Samford’s Fifth-Year Nontraditional (F.Y.N.T.) master’s degree in secondary education has just celebrated its first graduating class in December 2012. Most of these students, who enrolled in the first F.Y.N.T. cohort in fall 2011, are already employed in their own classroom, fulfilling the needs of schools requiring certified teachers in specific subject areas.

The F.Y.N.T. program provides those desiring to teach the opportunity to earn a master of science in education and certification to teach in middle schools and high schools. The program offers concentrations in biology, English/language arts, general science, history, math, general social studies and Spanish.    

The cohorts are an integrated blend of recent undergraduates, those who are seeking to start a second career, or those continuing their education. 

“These graduates are an outstanding group,” said Dr. Robin Duncan, program director. “Despite their age differences, and professional and personal experiences, the cohort has grown together throughout their time in the program.”

Since the program is relatively new, the first graduates have taught their faculty and directors just as they have been learning.

“We’ve learned a lot through these graduates. As they would share with us their experiences and opinions about the F.Y.N.T. program, we’ve been able to learn, grow and improve students’ overall experiences,” Duncan said.

The F.Y.N.T. program is designed for graduates of an accredited university who already have a B.A. or B.S. degree, and desire to earn a Master of Science in Education degree and a Class A teaching certificate to teach in their content area at the secondary level of education (grades 6-12). The program accommodates those working part-time or full-time as courses are offered in the late afternoon,evening or Saturdays.