Published on April 5, 2013 by Dr. David Finn  

Robert Weaver is known as “Ice Cream Man” around the Samford Children’s Learning Center (CLC), where he has visited children for the last several years. During his visits, Weaver serves ice cream to the children and spends time showing them they’re special. However, throughout his years of service to the CLC, Weaver has provided more than a cool treat.

Since 2003, Weaver has donated money to the CLC, specifically designating it to serve children with special needs. According to the CLC director, Dr. David Finn, Weaver’s donations as of last month total $10,000. This past fall, the CLC presented Weaver with an award representing their appreciation of his continued support for children with special needs. Weaver is also a longtime supporter of the Alabama Institute of the Deaf and Blind and the Helen Keller School in Talladega, Ala., which serves children with multiple disabilities.