Published on September 8, 2017 by Sara Roman  

August 29 Orlean Beeson School of Education hosted a Moonlight Birthday Party in celebration of its benefactor, Mrs. Orlean Bullard Beeson and her profound impact on many lives due to her generosity.

It was discovered that in the early 1900’s education students attended a Moonlight Picnic. In 2015, when the education school celebrated its centennial, all Samford University students were invited to a Moonlight Birthday Party to commemorate the old festivities and tradition of a moonlight celebration.

In keeping this tradition alive, the education school has created what will be an annual Moonlight Birthday Party in celebration of its namesake, Mrs. Orlean Beeson’s birthday on August 29.

This year, the celebratory day fell on the second day of the academic year and was a wonderful opportunity to welcome all education students and observe Mrs. Beeson’s birthday.

The morning began with Doughnuts with the Dean where undergraduate education students had the opportunity to visit with Jeanie Box, dean of the education school, and grab a doughnut on the way to class.

“I loved having the opportunity to welcome our students back to campus; it is always an exciting time,” said Box. “We hope that the day’s events helped students feel supported and encouraged as they entered the new school year.”

Box and Jodi Newton, associate dean of the education school then visited classes meeting new faces and visiting with familiar ones. The pair shared stories of the incredible legacy left by Mr. and Mrs. Beeson.

At 8 pm, the celebration was back in full swing as Steel City Pops arrived for Pops on the Plaza. Graduate education students were able to take part in the celebration as they departed from classes and undergraduate students walked over from their dorms to celebrate once more. 

“We appreciate opportunities to share our rich history of excellence in the classroom and traditions which celebrate the Samford experience,” Sheri Ransome, advancement officer for the education school. “Incorporating these traditions in with celebrating our namesake and benefactor, Mrs. Orlean Bullard Beeson, is a wonderful way to share with our students the impact of her generosity and the tremendous legacy she provides for each of them, our faculty and alumni.”