Published on August 20, 2021 by Leighton Doores  

Faculty Publications - 2020-2021

Chandler, K.B. (2021). Endogamy. In Marriage and divorce in America:  Issues, trends, and controversies, Santa Barbara, CA: ABC-CLIO. 

Chandler, K.B. (2021). Exogamy. In Marriage and divorce in America:  Issues, trends, and controversies, Santa Barbara, CA: ABC-CLIO. 

Chandler, K.B. (2020). Policy as a protective process. In: Gerhardt, C.E. Families in motion: Dynamics in diverse contexts. Thousand Oaks, CA: SAGE.

Chism, K. & Newton, J. (2021). Hope Leadership Academy: Professional learning in character education supports schools in the creation of a caring community. Alabama Journal of Educational Leadership (AJEL)-Volume VI.

Cobia, J. (2020-2021). Editor, Alabama ASCD e-newsletter, quarterly distribution.

Gerhardt, C. (2020). Families in Motion: Dynamics in Diverse Contexts. Oakland, CA:  SAGE.

Gerhardt, C. (2021). Building a professional identity: The role of conferences. Perspectives: CFLE Network, NCFR publishers. Spring: Volume 34(2):12.

Birdsong, D. & Yakimowski, M.E. (2021). Principal and counselors support for comprehensive counseling program implementation. Alabama Journal of Educational Leadership (AJEL)- Volume VI.

Owens, M., Thornbrough, K. & Yakimowski, M.E. (2021). A case study exploring mindsets of students placed in a residential care home and perceptions of their teachers. Alabama Journal of Educational Leadership (AJEL)-Volume VI.

Faculty Presentations - 2020-2021

Nolen, A. & Benton, A. (2020). Teaching Educational Psychology. American Educational Research Association (AERA), San Diego, CA. 

Birkenfeld, K. & Hoaglund, A. (2020). Preservice Perceptions: A K-12 University Partnership. Midsouth Educational Research Association Regional Conference. (virtual)

Chandler, K.B. (2020).  Pivotal Experiences. 2020 Vestavia Hills Baptist Church Mom’s Retreat, 4-H Retreat Center, Columbiana, AL.

Cobia, J. (2021). Fireside Conversation with Dr. John Hattie (Melbourne Education Research Institute, Australia). Filmed December 8, 2020 for webinar published by The Association for Supervision and Curriculum Development (ASCD).

Cobia, J. (2021). Leadership: Pivots and Flexibility. The Association for Supervision and Curriculum Development (ASCD) Leadership Conference. Virtual, Kissimmee, FL.

Davis, J.C. (2020, 2021). Theories and Guided Role Plays for Difficult Family Dynamics. Department of Genetics, University of Alabama Birmingham.

Davis, J.C. (2021). Establishing a Caring, Inclusive Classroom. Creating a Culture of Character P-12 Summit, Birmingham, AL.

Finn, D.M. (2020). An Elephant is Like a Spear: How Careful Observation Leads to a Truer Diagnostic Picture of the Challenges Faced by a Young Child. Alabama Early Childhood Education and Early Intervention/Preschool Virtual Conference, Connect 2020.

Finn, D.M. (2021). The Power of One: Lessons I’ve Learned. The Christian Alliance for Orphans.  McLean, VA. (virtual)

Hill, C.H. (2020).  How Can We Promote Child Development?  Paper presented at the Early Intervention and Preschool Conference, Birmingham, AL.

Little, D.L., Fiveash, L., Finn, D.M., Benton, A., Gilchrist, E., & Stone, A. (2020). Lessons Learned during the Coronavirus and On-Line Teaching/Learning: The New Normal for Families. The Alabama Early Intervention and Preschool Conference and the Alabama Early Childhood Conference. (virtual)

Newton, J. (2021). Creating a Culture of Character in Higher Education. The Higher Education Character Convening, Birmingham, AL.

DeJarnette, N., Cook, A., Yakimowski, M. E., Benton, A., & MacKinnon, C. (2020). Examining Educator Preparation Completer Impact on K-12 Student Learning: Learning from Colleagues. The Association for Advancing Quality in Educator Preparation (AAQEP), Atlanta, GA. 

Faculty Professional Development Presentations - 2020-2021

Chism, K. (2020). Professional Learning Communities, PD for Leadership Teams, Vestavia Hills City Schools, Vestavia Hills, AL.

Chism, K. (2020). Core Values, Mission, and Vision, Tuscaloosa County School District, Cottondale Elementary, Cottondale, AL.

Chism, K. (2021). Life that Counts for Good, Huntsville City Summer Middle School Program, Huntsville City Schools, Huntsville, AL.

Cobia, J. and Ash, R. (2021). Five Critical Leadership Practices: Workshops for School Leaders. Boaz City Schools, Walker County Schools, and Lowndes County Schools, AL. 

Davis, J.C. (2020-2021). Improving Diversity, Equity, and Inclusiveness in the Classroom. Professional Learning Units (PLUs) for Shelby County School District, Shelby County, AL.

Johnson, M. (2021 Career Technical Education Month) Career/College Experiences. A.H. Parker High School, Birmingham City Schools, Birmingham, AL.

Newton, J. (2020) Core Values and Cultural Gaps, PD for Leadership Teams, Vestavia Hills City Schools, Vestavia Hills, AL.

Newton, J. (2020) Why Character Education? Opening Address for the P-12 Hope Leadership Academy. Birmingham and north Alabama school districts.

Faculty Grants Awarded - 2020-2021

Birkenfeld, K. & Hoaglund, A. (Co-principal Investigators). (2020). Implementation of Trauma-Informed Teaching Practices in Preservice Teacher Curriculum. Samford Faculty Development Grant.

Blueitt, T. and Glenn, C. (Co-principal Investigators). Elementary Mathematics Leadership Academy for Teachers (EMLAT). Campbell Foundation.

Chism, K. (Principal Investigator). Mentoring Aspiring Principals. Campbell Foundation.

Davis, J.C., Davidson, T., & Johnson, B. (Co-principal Investigators). (2020). Racial Awareness and Skills in the Classroom. William E. and Wylodine F. Hull Fund for Christian Scholarship.

Newton, J. & Chism, K. (Co-principal Investigators). (2021-22). Building Character and Competence. Commitment #: 2021-01866 Kern Family Foundation. Samford University School of Education.

Newton, J. (Principal Investigator). (2019-22). Expansion of Hope Leadership Academy.  Commitment #: 2019-01411 [Grant] Kern Family Foundation. Hope Institute.