Published on October 14, 2022 by Leighton Doores  

Fall 2021

Stress and Satisfaction with Life
Katelyn Dendy and Linda Schendstok 

Fathers’ Behaviors and Children’s Attachment
Sara-Grace Elliott and Anna Jones 

Parental Divorce and Divorce Attitudes in Children
Kloey Giles 

Trauma and Emotion Regulation
Bayley Levine 

Childhood Disabilities and Family Functioning
Lisa Kathryn Lupinacci and Kaitlyn Nott 

Religious Commitment and Life Satisfaction
Lauren McCord 

Adverse Childhood Experiences, Mental Health and Resilience
Mary Katherine Mount and Annie Strawn 

Foster Care Training
Maggie Roberts 

Anxiety and Emotion Regulation
Ashley McNabb and Reagan Whatley 

Child Advocacy and Parental Self-efficacy
Taylor Webber 

Secondary Traumatic Stress in Telecommunicators
Lauren Hanger and Collin Defee 

Divorce and Mental Health of Children
Kai Freeman and Avery Woods 

Parental Alcohol Use, Family Communication, and Child’s Use of Alcohol
Ty King 

Attachment Anxiety and Parenting Style
Bree Rooks

Spring 2022

Inter-racial Marriage and Parental Criticism
Christa Chery and Heaven Colquiett 

Playfulness and Family Cohesion
Kate Dyleski 

Maternal Employment and Family Cohesion
Sidney Chason 

Purity Culture Beliefs and Parent-Adolescent Communication
Emma Jordan and Olivia Phipps 

Family Cohesion and Changes in Family Membership
Ryleigh Chambers and Holly Hancock

Social Media, Volunteering, and Mental Health
Mary Armor Gilbert and Betsy Johnson 

Mental Health of Parents with Atypically Developing Children
Emorie Long and Alli Smith 

Mental Health and Life Satisfaction
Sidney Nalewaja 

Quality of Life and Family Cohesion with Chronic Illness
Juliah South 

Christian Missionaries and Stigma of Mental Illness
Olivia Whited 

Life Satisfaction of Adults with Special Needs
Catherine Sluder