The Public Health Minor provides students with an introduction to the field of public health. Public health is focused on improving health through health prevention, promotion, and policymaking. Students minoring in public health learn how to use a population health approach to explore pressing health issues such as obesity, heart disease, diabetes, and global epidemics and the role of policymaking in addressing such issues locally and globally. Additionally, students will explore the core functions and concepts of public health as well as the determinants of health.

The minor is open to all Samford students and provides a nice compliment to any undergraduate major. Minor coursework is flexible and can be tailored to meet student’s interests and professional goals. Students pursuing professional degrees in medicine, biological sciences, environmental sciences, nutrition, business, or public health will have a unique population health understanding of the factors and systems that contribute to health as apply to competitive professional programs.

Plan of Study

Minor in Public Health
Code Required Courses Course Credits Total Required Credits
PHLT 101 Introduction to Public Health 3 3
PHLT 201 Disease Detectives 3 3
NUR 232 Statistics for Health Professional, Math 210 or equivalent statistics course 3 3
Electives 12 hours of PHLT courses at 300 level or above 12 12
Total Required Credits     21