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Leading business experts are available to address breaking news stories and comment on a variety of topics. The experts listed below are available to speak on popular business subjects and industries:

William H. Belski

Business, Accounting Standards, Financial Accounting Issues, Accounting Ethics, Business Ethics, Capital Market Research and Earning Management, Not-For-Profit Accounting and Reporting

Joy Buchanan

Data Analysis, Economics, Economic History, Public Policy and Regulation, Experimental Design, Wages and Compensation, Behavioral Economics

Art Carden

Business, Economic History, Public Policy and Regulation, Walmart and Big-Box Retail, Causes and Consequences of Economic Growth, Development Policy in Alabama

Charles M Carson

Business, Group Dynamics, Teamwork, Absenteeism, Family Business Issues, Production, Factory Worker Motivation and Management, Entrepreneurship; Supervisory Styles, Effective Teaching Methods

Clif Eason

Business, Firm-level Branding, Marketing Strategy, Corporate Social Responsibility, Consumer Social Responsibility, Sales

Howard Finch

Business, Asset Pricing and Valuation

Cynthia Frownfelter-Lohrke

Business, Computers, Technology, Systems Topics, Financial Planning, Retirement, Income Taxes, Fraud, Investments, Estate Planning

Larron C. Harper

Business, Managerial Values, Business Ethics, International Business, Utilities, Regulation, Energy, Finance, Graduate Business Education, International Business

Steven T. Jones

Business, Credit Scoring, Financial Services, Corporate Finance, Insurance, Finance Theory

Archie Lockamy , III

Business, Manufacturing Operations, Service Operations, Quality Management, Supply Chain Management, Performance Measurement Systems, Process Improvement in Health Care Organizations

Jennings B. Marshall

Business, Business Statistics, Economics, Personal Finance, General Business

Matthew Mazzei

Strategic Management, Project Management, Entrepreneurship, Corporate Entrepreneurship

Sara Helms McCarty

Business, Volunteering, Charitable Giving, Education Policy, Religion and Economics, Labor Economics, Religion and Philosophy, Volunteering and Charitable Giving

Kevin Pan

Data analytics, statistical analysis, quantitative methods, information systems, education data analytics, informatics, knowledge-based systems

James P. Reburn

Business, Financial Accounting, Accounting Education, General Banking Issues, Financial Reporting, Stock Ownership Reporting, Nonprofit Management

Anna-Leigh Stone

Banking, Financial Institutions, Bank Regulation

Jeremy Thornton

Business, Nonprofit Organization, Philanthropy, Public Policy, Tax Policy, Macro Growth, General Business, Pricing

Darin W. White

Business, Strategic Planning, Competitive Reconnaissance, Marketing Strategy Development, Retailing, Leadership Coaching, Business Coaching, Marketing Research, Political, Sports, Nonprofit Marketing, International Marketing, Franchising, Advertising, Branding, Pricing, New Product Development, Sales, Sales Management Training, Sports Marketing

Rusty Yerkes

Business, Financial Markets, Financial Institutions, Investments, Portfolio Management, Financial Planning, Corporate Financial Analysis, Financial Risk, Management, Derivatives, Treasury Management, Banking