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How are graduate business classes offered?

M.B.A. Courses 

M.B.A. courses are offered online or on-campus in the evening.  M.B.A. students are allowed to be strictly online or on-campus, but also are allowed to take both online and on-campus courses as part of their program.  We accept students to take full-time and part-time class loads.  Our full-time students take a heavier course load, study during the day, and take classes in the evening or online.

M.Acc. Courses

Pre-MAcc courses are offered during the day and are taken at the undergraduate level. M.Acc. courses are offered in the evening and on-campus only. 


The tuition is the same for in-state or out-of-state students and is $813 per credit hour.

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Do you offer assistantships to students?

At this time, Brock School of Business does not offer assistantships.

Relocating to Birmingham?

The Graduate Student Services Office has information available for students relocating to Birmingham.

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