The graduate minor in business administration allows students in non-business graduate programs at Samford University to pursue business coursework as a part of their graduate degree. The minor consists of 18 credit hours of graduate level business courses. Brock School of Business offers this program to graduate students at Samford University to provide them with a background in business education to supplement their primary graduate degree.

The primary graduate program is responsible for determining acceptance of business courses as electives towards the student's primary graduate degree. Students may complete the minor even if the primary degree does not accept the business credits as elective credit towards the primary degree.

General Policies

  • Students must complete both the primary graduate degree and the graduate business minor before the degree is awarded.
  • Students must attain a graduate business minor GPA of 3.0 to graduate with the minor
  • The primary graduate program will determine if and how graduate business minor classes will be counted in the primary program GPA.
  • The minor will not be listed on the graduate diploma, but will be included in the official academic transcript.
  • Tuition for business classes is charged separately from the primary program tuition.
  • The maximum number of credits allowed in each term is determined by the primary graduate program.

Change of Program Procedures

Students who wish to pursue this minor should fill out a change of program form with signatures from the primary academic adviser and the new business adviser. Admission to the minor is based on a status of good standing in a Samford graduate program.  If a student decides to seek entry to the MBA, he/she is required to take the GMAT or GRE and follow the admission requirements in place at the time of application.

Change of Program Form

Graduate Business Minor Curriculum

Graduate business minor courses cannot be waived, substituted,shared, or transferred. All course work must be completed at Brock School of Business. Please see the Samford University Catalog and the semester schedules for prerequisite requirements.

Graduate Business Minor

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