An MBA from the Brock School of Business can do wonders for your career. The time and effort you invest in the added education makes you better at your job. It teaches you skills that help you better work with and lead teams. It exposes you to practical knowledge that you’ll apply on the job. A Brock MBA opens doors for you. It opens people’s eyes to your abilities. Certain benefits naturally follow: new responsibilities, promotions, raises, all the things that come with a successful career. We’ve made earning your degree as convenient, secure and practical as possible. But know this: we’ll challenge you. We’ll push you, so that the time and effort you invest in the program pays the greatest return possible.

Basham Johnson

Taylor Chao

Patrick Wells

Patrick Wells

Chief Executive Officer, Kangaroo Legal LLP

Samford University, and especially the business school, made a significant impact on my life. I was a transfer student that had lost focus and was unimpressed with school. In just a short amount of time on campus, I noticed there was something different about the students and the professors at Samford. The students had a passion for learning that was inspiring and contagious. The professors, with so much experience outside the classroom, were there not only to teach you but also to mentor you and prepare you for life after graduation. From business plan writing competitions to managing an investment fund worth more than $1 million, the business school gave me hands-on experience that I use in leading our company everyday. Most importantly, the Brock School of Business taught me how to learn and that alone has forever changed my life.

Leigh Davis+

Leigh Davis

Senior Vice President and General Counsel, Southern Company Operations

Samford University provided me with an excellent education that met my flexible work needs. I was a newly hired Governmental Resources Analyst with Alabama Power Company when I began the MBA program. Over the years, the Administration was supportive as I needed to adjust my workload and schedule in order to accommodate various job opportunities. The professors encouraged an open teaching environment that fostered leadership, teamwork and collaboration. I honed critical analytical skills while working with and leading groups of other bright, inquisitive students; I continue to leverage those skills with my employees. The student mix provided viewpoints from a diverse mix of backgrounds. These collective experiences provided a powerful dialogue for problem solving both inside and outside of the classroom.

As an alum, I continue to reap the benefits of completing a degree from The Brock School of Business. Samford University offers a variety of valuable networking opportunities in the classroom and as a graduate. The Administration and Faculty are actively engaged in supporting post-graduate networking and continuous learning opportunities.