All Brock School of Business undergraduate students receive one-on-one advising from an academic advisor. Schedule an appointment with your adviser below or visit them in the Office of Academic Programs suite, Cooney Hall 289.

Patrice Donnelly

Patrice Donnelly

Assistant Director of Academic Programs

Patrice Donnelly advises students in prebusiness and declared majors.
Claire Stephens

Claire Stephens

Academic Adviser

Claire Stephens works with the Office of Admissions in recruiting and subsequently advises prebusiness freshmen as well as business minors.

Students who wish to be admitted into Brock School of Business must meet the following requirements:

  • Attain a C- or better in each prebusiness course;
  • Attain a cumulative 2.25 or higher prebusiness GPA in business school courses;
  • Attain a cumulative 2.00 Samford University GPA.

Prebusiness courses consist of ACCT 211, 212; BUSA 100, 200, DATA 200, 201 and ECON 201, 202.

All Samford students must complete the university core and general education requirements.

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