Students interested in serving as missionary teachers or in some other capacity in a foreign culture may fulfill all requirements for an Alabama teaching certificate while earning a minor in missions education. Most countries now expect missionary teachers to hold a teaching certificate from the U.S. or the host country. The minor in missions education is available only to students earning a teaching certificate. Course requirements are listed below, and students interested in this program may apply some of these courses toward the regular requirements in teacher education.

Required Courses

  • EDUC 407 Cross-Cultural Practicum* or EDUC 409 Meeting Success in a Diverse World
  • GEOG 101 Global Geography
  • RELG 201 Introduction to World Religions
  • RELG 210 Foundations of Congregational Studies
  • UCBP 101 Biblical Perspectives

Total Required Courses for Minor: 19-20

*While EDUC 407 is offered for variable credit (1–4 credits), the School of Education requires their majors/minors to take the course for 3 or 4 credits. Cannot take for 1 or 2 credits.