Photo MaggieWorthingtonLawrence
Maggie Worthington Lawrence
While at Samford, I developed an interest in the helping and medical professions. I became interested in Occupational Therapy (“OT”) and realized that HDFS was the perfect foundation for a career as an OT. 
Photo Becky Lehmann
Becky Lehmann
One day I realized that what I erroneously believed disqualified me from full-time Christian service actually uniquely qualified me for this ministry. 
Photo Patrick Chappell
Patrick Chappell
I'm finishing up my 27th year in Homewood Schools and, as always, am excited about the prospect of change - change within my school district, with new leaders and teachers coming on board. And change potentially for me as I continue to learn and grow as a leader.  
Photo Hannah Anderson
Hannah Anderson
Samford gave me many opportunities to work with children from diverse backgrounds. This in conjunction with my experience teaching ESL children in the classroom really enabled me to transition to this role seamlessly. 
Photo Pam Smith copy
Pam Smith
When I initially changed my major and began my courses in education, I knew it was exactly where I was meant to be. 
Photo CarolineReed3
Caroline Reed
You get out of something what you put into it. Samford offers so many opportunities to invest in people and your area of study. The university does such a great job of setting things up for students to grow spiritually, mentally and relationally.  
Photo JasonHarchuck
Jason Harchuck
Samford played an integral role in me working where I am today. I worked in a completely different field, but felt God calling me to education and more specifically special education.  
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