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Catherine Finkley
Samford provided me with a rigorous academic program that encompassed real world projects and situations that I easily connected to my daily career. In addition, Samford allowed me to network with colleagues whom I still keep in touch with today. The relationships that I have built throughout my time at Samford have been incredibly helpful to me in my career. 
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Jennifer Carroll
My advice to Samford students is listen to your heart. Seek God with all your heart and He will lead you on a fulfilling life journey. Invest in true friendships. They will last a lifetime. 
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Mandy Fox
The gifted classroom took the limitations that were in the regular classroom due to testing and mandated curriculum off of me. No longer did I have constraints on my creativity with teaching students. I was able to ask them what they wanted to learn and explore those areas with them. I was able to cater to each student’s needs and find ways to help them grow and learn in areas of their social, emotional, and academic needs. I love it and will always love it!  
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Kathy Acton
I love Samford and connecting with our Samford Education graduates is always a pleasure! I am always fascinated by what they are doing and where their degree has led them. I also enjoy planning the Tom and Marla Corts Distinguished Author Series and the Learning for Life Awards Dinner with a fabulous team of folks each year. 
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Meghan Allen
I enjoy the relationships I build with students and their families. It is a sweet gift to get to teach most of my students for several years because I grow to know them and their families on a deep level. We set a lot of goals, walk through many trials, and celebrate numerous achievements. My students and their families are my greatest teachers.  
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Sonia Carrington
My Samford experience gave me the self-assuredness and competence to assist faculty, staff, students and parents in accomplishing our vision. My experience and passion for education have pointed me to new and exciting ventures that have blessed me beyond measure and, hopefully, have contributed to others’ lives. 
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Jessica Ray DePaolantonio
“God ordained” is the best way to describe my journey from Samford to my current position. My whole Samford Story was a "God thing" and He definitely worked in mighty ways to reveal to me that being completely out of my comfort zone is the plan He has for me at this moment. 
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