Photo KristenFowler
Kristen Fowler
Samford prepared me for a career in a service profession through professors who modeled a service-oriented mindset every day in classes and around campus. Of course, our professors are knowledgeable about the field, but it is the motivation behind ‘why’ they wanted to teach us to serve our clients that stand out in my mind.    
Photo Jessica Veazy
Jessica Veazy
I'm grateful that Samford taught us how to be life-long learners and remember that God is using us for our roles. This makes a difference when administering services. You always want to have the most current research for your population that you are treating and treat them with integrity. 
Photo Syms Kyndra
Kyndra Syms
Kyndra Syms '21 graduated in May, earning her Doctor of Physical Therapy. Now, as she prepares to take her board exams this summer, she looks back on what motivated her to pursue her degree, and she shares advice with her fellow graduates.  
Photo Amy Giboney tbn
Amy Giboney
It is my desire to practice as a family physician and pursue stateside medical missions within the lower income and underserved populations in America.  
Photo Andrea Reliford
Andrea "Rudy" Reliford
Having two career paths that complement each other allows me to be involved in patient care from start to finish; either from the onset of their injury, or after their surgery, to full recovery. I enjoy making the connections and establishing a cooperative bond and trust with each client as we work towards achieving their goals.  
Photo Kayla Krueger
Kayla Krueger
During my time at Samford, I developed an interest in research and evidence-based practice that encouraged me to pursue training that would allow me to develop these interests into a career. I plan to utilize the clinical skills and knowledge obtained at Samford to inform future research. 
Photo Kelsi Hobbs
Kelsi Hobbs
Samford prepared me not only with knowledge of the many different classes I took, but with professionalism and discipline. It has prepared me how to work with other people and build professional relationships as well. No matter what profession I end up in, I know that I have the skills to lead, work hard, and become better each day.