CampUs kids interacting with volunteers


Providing short-term respite events and camps for children age 4-14 with special health care needs, Samford University’s CampUs offers students and faculty an active learning opportunity to practice interprofessional care and work with children with special needs and their families.

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Rolling hills near Chandler Mountain

Chandler Mountain

Students and faculty from the vary disciplines within the College of Health Sciences work together to provide health care, education and hope to migrant farm workers and their families in Alabama’s Chandler Mountain area.

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Volunteers talk with Perry County Residents

Perry County

Assistant professor of pharmacy Pilar Muphy runs the Cardiovascular Risk Reduction Clinic at Sowing Seeds of Hope®, a nonprofit organization based at the Perry County health department. She manages a patchwork of health care initiatives, and every month, students from Samford’s College of Health Sciences join her efforts.

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