Welcome to the College of Health Sciences.

The College of Health Sciences at Samford University is here to prepare graduates in an interprofessional, Christ-centered learning environment to promote and improve the health and well-being of individuals and communities. This means our faith calls us to a greater purpose as educators and professionals. It is central to what we do, and it is what makes us different.

The College of Health Sciences consists of four outstanding schools: School of Health Professions, Moffett & Sanders School of Nursing, McWhorter School of Pharmacy and School of Public Health. Together, these four schools offer more than 30 academic programs and include about 2,500 students. Although the College was founded in 2013, our history dates back much further with the nursing school founded in 1922, the pharmacy school founded in 1927, and our schools of health professions and public health started in 2013. 

Three areas of excellence support the College: faith and health, interprofessional education, and experiential learning and simulation.

The Office for Faith and Health is the intersection of all four schools. Faith and Health is where we put our academic programs and Christian faith into practice caring for people locally and around the world. The office also houses the Healthcare Law and Ethics Institute, which supplies a model for interprofessional practice, and it focuses on issues of faith, law and ethics. 

The future of health care includes strong interprofessional collaboration, and we ensure all students in the College learn with, from and about one another in our interprofessional education program. This is the purpose of the Office of Interprofessional Education. The program not only meets national competencies (values/ethics, roles/responsibilities, interprofessional communications and teams/teamwork), but it uniquely addresses faith and calling, as well as quality and safety.

The Experiential Learning and Simulation Center is nothing short of world-class. The 20,000 square-foot center includes high-fidelity suites and a fully functioning operating room. Patient interaction labs, non-sterile and sterile compounding labs, a complete home simulation lab and a standardized patient suite that yield many opportunities for our students to learn and practice. This ensures our students are both competent and confident as they go to clinical experiences and enter their chosen health career. 

We invite you to explore our website and learn more about our innovative approach to educate future health care professionals. Take time to watch the videos of our graduates, and you will realize all the opportunities we have to offer.