A Long History of Education in the Health Sciences

While the College of Health Sciences is new, Samford University has been preparing students to enter the health care field for 95 years. The Moffett & Sanders School of Nursing was founded in 1922 and formally became part of Samford University in 1973. Literally thousands of nurses have completed their education here, and our graduates continue to impact patient care around the world. The McWhorter School of Pharmacy opened in 1927 with two professors and a handful of students. Over the years, the program has evolved to become one of the leading pharmacy programs in the country. Our graduates have excelled in all settings, from acute care facilities to executive positions with leading pharmaceutical companies.

Our history in health care education is long, but our brightest days remain ahead.

Though the School of Health Professions and the School of Public Health are both new, established in 2013, the Kinesiology and Nutrition Science programs have long-standing records of successful graduates.

But as clearly defined as our college is today, in the coming years we will continue to evolve, adding new degree programs, new outreach programs.