An opportunity offered each summer

Ida Moffett School of Nursing professor Andrea Collins partners with Social Christian Ministry in Honduras to set up free health clinics in rural churches and schools in the Copan or Intibucá regions. Graduate students in Samford’ College of Health Sciences are able to provide physical assessments, basic medical treatment and health education to these underserved communities in interprofessional teams, working alongside local Honduran volunteers and Samford alumni.

This service opportunity is open to all students in Samford’s College of Health Sciences.

Where will you travel?

The trip primarily focuses on the Copan region of Honduras, but the team also works in the Intibucá region.

When does the trip take place?

July 8-22, 2018

Travel costs

Cost is $1,700 for one week or $2,300 for both weeks.

Student Experiences

“One of my biggest takeaways was that I felt so blessed by the Hondurans who served with us. They never stopped thanking us for all our help and giving of our time and resources. I felt unworthy of their appreciation, because we needed them to communicate. They make it happen, but it was so humbling to serve side-by-side with them for the same ultimate purpose of obedience to God's calling. I am so appreciative to have been able to tag along on this adventure and be a part of something bigger than myself. Honduras now has a piece of my heart.”

Allison Disney, fourth year pharmacy graduate student (Traveled in 2016)

“My favorite part of the trip was doing clinic in the different areas. I loved meeting the people and being able to treat the problems they had been dealing with for a while. Their faith in God's plan for their life was so inspiring. Considering how little they had, it seemed like their life was full. It was the reminder I needed to trust completely in God and brought me closer in my relationship with Him.”

Ashley Nelson, M.S.N., Family Nurse Practitioner alumna (Traveled in 2016)