When educating skilled caregivers, there simply is no substitute for extensive, hands-on clinical experience. Not all degree programs include a clinical component, of course, but for those that do, we offer more hours and more cases than are typically required for certification.

The McWhorter School of Pharmacy provides students with exceptional opportunities for experiential education that is patient-focused. In both community and health-system settings, our students can expect to be valued as members of the interprofessional care team. Mary Worthington, Pharm.D., Professor, Pharmacy Practice Department

For those programs with a clinical component, students gain practical experience in either the simulation lab or in actual clinical settings. We work with the very best clinical preceptors, and we have earned a reputation among professionals in the health care industry, in part, because of the success of our graduates. When planning your clinical rotations, we carefully consider the schedule to ensure your optimal success.

Begin in the lab

Several of our programs use state-of-the-art simulation labs on campus to introduce students to the clinical setting. In the Ida Moffett School of Nursing, for example, we have one of the most advanced simulation labs in the country, and our nutrition students spend much of their time working in our modern test kitchens.

Birmingham is an exceptional place to learn

For graduate and undergraduate students doing clinical work locally, few places offer more opportunities than Birmingham. We are surrounded by some of the finest health care facilities in the world, from acute care to specialty clinics. Even nutrition and kinesiology students will find numerous clinical opportunities here.

With a wide variety and vast number of clinical sites, both in urban and rural settings, our students are afforded unique schedules to prepare them to practice anesthesia anywhere after graduation. Amy Snow, MNA, CRNA, Clinical Director and Associate Department Chair, Department of Nurse Anesthesia

Because we have earned an excellent reputation in the health care community, you'll have opportunities to learn from some of the most skilled health care professionals in the world. And because we believe so strongly in the value of hands-on experience, you will complete more hours of clinical work than in most other programs.

Clinical opportunities, wherever you are

Many of our graduate programs are conducted online, but still contain a clinical component. Wherever you are, we will find an appropriate site for you to complete your clinical experiences. We have an extensive network of locations and preceptors around the country, and if we don’t have a suitable location near you currently, we will arrange it.

A word about preceptors

To make the most of your clinical experience, it is not enough to find a suitable location for your clinical practice. The professionals you work with are equally important. We carefully select the preceptors our students work with to ensure that you get the most out of your experience. Again, being in Birmingham allows us access to some of the leading health care professionals in the world in a wide variety of specialties. However, our network extends across the country because our students have long earned a reputation for great skill and compassion.