Published on March 25, 2016 by Katie Stripling  
Future Student Commons area
Future Student Commons area

The month of March has been another busy one for construction in the College of Health Sciences! Are you wondering what’s going on over here?  The only evidence of work from the exterior of the building is the large amounts of employees busily going in and out the doors, but rest assured that a great deal is happening on the inside!

This month and in the months ahead crews from multiple trades will move quickly throughout the building completing their respective tasks. Floors in each building are being demolished until nothing but a bare concrete structure remains. Crews have begun framing the walls of each floor and once the walls have been framed in a given location, the electrician begins to install conduit and wire. The installation of conduit, wire, and piping is referred to as “rough in.” After the electrician and plumber have the walls roughed in, sheetrock will be hung and finished. Classrooms, labs and student spaces are starting to take shape! 


  • Completed building demolition
  • Began framing walls
  • Began duct installation
  • Electrical rough in
  • Plumbing rough in
  • Hang sheetrock walls