Read the headlines – opportunities to improve the health of populations locally, nationally and globally abound! A degree in public health will allow you to study a concern that impacts many (cardiovascular disease, suicide, obesity, environmental health and more), provides you with the skills to confront complex health issues from a prevention- population based approach and provides an understanding of how culture impacts health (understanding behavior, health communication, program management, cultural competence). Students will explore domains that influence health – age, sex, hereditary factors, individual behaviors, social and community influences, living and working conditions, socioeconomic/cultural/environmental conditions and health law and policies.

Contribute to the public health successes (clean water, vaccinations, control of infectious disease, reduction in tobacco usage) by becoming a public health professional. A graduate can work for the government (local, state and federal health agencies), private sector health organizations, industry, non-profit health organizations or continue your path to graduate or professional school.

Why Samford?

  • Low student to teacher ratio in the classroom
  • Interdisciplinary approach to public health problems
  • Highly skilled and educated faculty who are readily available to you
  • Study abroad opportunities
  • Abundant internship opportunities customized to your career path
  • A rigorous and practical curriculum designed to meet the public health workforce needs

A Unique Pathway to Medical School

For those who are considering medical or other health professional schools, Samford's public health major builds in 24 elective hours into its curriculum, allowing students to complete the prerequisite courses for pathways like prehealth or premedicine as part of their undergraduate degree.

"Throughout the interview process for medical school, I found the material I learned in my public health classes was extremely beneficial. The information covered sparks me to think through underlying prejudices and inequalities that contribute to health care in a big way. Even in the first few days of medical school, we were introduced to some of the same material that we covered in many of the public health classes that are offered at Samford.”

- Haley Harrington '17

Career Paths

Graduates of our public health majors are fully prepared to enter the public health workforce or continue to graduate or professional school. 

  • Government (local, state and federal health agencies)
  • Industry
  • Nonprofit health organizations
  • Private sector health organizations
  • Graduate or professional school

Our Commitment to You

Each and every faculty member at Samford University is committed to your success. We pledge to guide you through this journey as you answer your calling.

Plan of Study