Preparing graduates for lives of service

Samford University's Master of Social Work prepares graduates for lives of service as advanced social work practitioners. With our fast-track option, undergraduate students have the opportunity to earn their bachelor's degree and Master of Social Work in just five years of study.

The first three years of the fast-track program are dedicated to completing all required undergraduate courses. Students enroll in the Master of Social Work during their senior year. Participation in this program requires careful advisement and scheduling, as well as permission of both the department chair of your chosen undergraduate degree and the chair of the Department of Social Work.

Application Process

Step One: Submit an Interest Form

If you are interested in pursuing this fast-track option, we ask that you submit an interest form and contact to set up an appointment to meet with our admission staff. It is important that you fill out the Interest Form as soon as possible, so that we can help you stay on track with the courses you'll need in order to participate in the fast-track program.

Step Two: Complete an Application Form

During your junior year, you will be required to fill out the Application Form in order to request permission to enroll in Master of Social Work courses during your senior year. The application deadline  is January 10 of the student’s junior year.

Admission Requirements

 Students must first be admitted to Samford University. To apply, go to Students must then meet the following requirements:

  • Entering Requirements
    •  Submit an Application Form
    • Maintain a 3.0 cumulative GPA throughout all course work
    • Must complete any type of statistics course with a C or better
    • Complete all convocation credit by the end of their junior year
Progression Requirements
  • Must earn B’s or better in all Master of Social Work courses to be admitted into the graduate program

Eligible Majors


Samford University's Master of Social Work Program was awarded full accreditation by the Council on Social Work Education (CSWE) in June 2017.

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