Undergraduate Majors

Psychology (BA)

Samford psychology majors learn about all the influences that contribute to human thought and behavior, ranging from basic neuroscience and genetics, through social and cultural influences. They develop a strong foundation in research skills, conduct their own research projects and think critically about behavior as they prepare for careers in clinical, counseling, school, forensic, sport, industrial and organizational psychology, gerontology, psychometry, law, education, ministry and health care.
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Psychology (BS)

The bachelor of science in psychology major emphasizes the experimental areas of psychology, including neuroscience, cognitive science and learning, social psychology, health psychology and abnormal psychology. The major is especially valuable to students with an interest in the natural and computational sciences as well as cognitive and behavioral science.
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Undergraduate Minors


Students who earn a minor in psychology have a unique and significant advantage as professionals in business, religion, sociology, health care, journalism, communication, pre-law, biology, computer science or any other discipline that values understanding of human thought and behavior.
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